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3d Printing Evolution – Soon We can Live in 3D Printed Tiny Houses with Hemp Biomaterials – Astonishing Solutions

Here are the Next level eco-friendly Building solutions. Incredible 3d Printed houses, hempcrete and Eco buildings for affordable housing. Printing a better future, as well as commercial buildings. It doesn’t matter, if in the toe-freezing Russia, or deserts of dubai! We can essentially print everything, from bikes to cars, clothes, Watering cans and Tools. Nothing is impossible,

I want now a 3D Printer and live in a 3d printed hemp or natural building, and you?!

My Australian Tiny House and 3D Printing research, that blows my mind! With Planet-friendly materials like the “dust” in the area, clay or Hemp as one of the greatest materials. Discover the Greatest, simplest housing solutions of our time… For me anyways. If on the water or the mountains, There is so much great stuff happening!!!

The first home was constructed using a giant 3D-printer dubbed ‘The Vulcan’. The apparatus works by producing layers of a cement-like paste of mortar along a track that’s been digitally outlined for it to follow.

The entire process takes anywhere between 12 and 24 hours, and leaves behind the structure of a 55-75 square-metre home, complete with two bedrooms, lounge room and a bathroom.

The best part? The house costs less than $US4,000.

An Australian company is 3D-printing hemp bioplastic walls, floors and roofs to be used in the construction of eco-friendly prefabricated homes. The carbon-neutral homes will take only days to weeks to construct and will store massive amounts of CO2 in their walls.

Welcome to the most exciting times in Human history – Regenerating and Innovating in harmony with life!

3D printing offers the chance to build houses faster, more accurately and cheaper than ever before

We will be showcasing some interesting 3D printed house projects that already exist, the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printed houses, and mentioning some 3D printer companies who are working hard to commercialize the tech.

Important Transitions and the Housing and lifestyle evolution…

We more and more know, that 3D Printing is the future, plus Hemp and renewable resources are Keys to Regenerative building, living and a blossoming future for us all. The prices are unbeatable, They store massive amounts of Carbon, and they are fire-resistant and insulating! Check these websites, tiny houses and 3d Printing solutions!!! <3 Love it, share it, evolve together,

Your green Thumb, Benjy

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

returntonow.net/> hemp-houses-are-being-3d-printed-in-australia/

1. Links to your astonishment 🙂

Hemp Houses are Being 3D-Printed in Australia

Soon, we’ll be able to order 3D-printed hemp houses!

A Dutch town will host the world’s first five livable 3D-printed homes, with residents set to move in next year. Credit: Project Milestone


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now, industrial 3D printers can extrude concrete based on a 3D model and build houses completely autonomously. These gigantic 3D printers can build an entirely 3D printed house in just hours!

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This 3D home will help end homelessness. Picture: Icon and New Story

Hemp is the Nr. 1 Earth regenerating solution in so many cases!

The company, Mirreco, hopes their 3D-printed hemp polymer panels will become the material of choice for residential and commercial builders around the world.

Not only is hemp bioplastic easier to work with than concrete, it’s way more environmentally friendly.

The hemp biomass used to make it sequesters carbon dioxide when its growing and stores it “forever” when its turned into plastic.

And unlike concrete, hemp is a renewable resource. There is simply not enough sand in the world to sustain the growing demand for conventional concrete, Business Insider explains.

“The specific type of sand needed for concrete is often harvested from riverbeds, which destroys ecosystems and threatens the biodiversity of plants, fish, and animals,” The Mind Unleashed notes.

Mirreco says their hemp plastic panels are “structurally sound, easy to produce, and provide superior thermal performance.”

The company has teamed up with an architecture firm to create digital prototypes of the homes it will soon “print.”

(From: https://returntonow.net/2020/02/26/hemp-houses-are-being-3d-printed-in-australia)


–> (https://aussietinyhouses.com.au)



  • Additional dwelling
  • Granny Flat
  • Rental Accommodation – AirBnB
  • Temporary Housing
  • Office / Studio / Pool Room
  • Holiday Mobile Home
  • Mobile Retail Business
  • University / High School Students
  • Farm / Rural Accommodation
  • Relief Accommodation

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Project Milestone consists of five 3D-printed sustainable Stonehenge-shaped houses, with residents expected to move in next year.

The project has been described by developers as a “game changer” which will “stimulate 3D building” worldwide.

“With this technology we can do things we couldn’t do before,” Eindhoven University of Technology professor Theo Salet says. “We can create shapes that normally can hardly be made.”

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