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Kissground my key messages – earth and soil advocates for the farming of the regenerative future

I share here my Key messages of the game changing “kiss the ground” movie” and the regenerative, global movement of earth loving beings.

After this heart warming movie, everyone knows what to do and is empowered to be more regenerative, through really feeling, that the old ways are against life on our earth!

My most important Message:

This is About the future of humanity and the planet!
> with the farming for the future
> regenerative farming as the future
> choosing life with a regenerative diet and ultimately lifestyle is what we can all do more☀️

We have the opportunity to be the regenerative earthlings, to shift the story and regenerate our planet.
Connecting and empowering ourselves with the most ancient and important solutions… Copying nature.

The future of farming and the shift of humanities future.

The greatest solution lies on our plates and tummies, gardens and animals…

With Regenerative farming, creating food forests and life!
> holistic management
> recycling all “waste and organic materials”

> no tilling!! (one if the biggest mistakes industrial agriculture does)

> no chemicals that kill life on earth and in our bodies!

On the fields and the food markets.

Are you jumping on board with millions of others?

Lets surf the regenerative tsunami of positive change

1. Watch the movie and you understand what i mean

2. Check the website and video collections

3. Do the “soil advocate online course” with us

4. Connect with thousands of earth loving soil advocates

with us or friends kiss the ground soil advocate training
> i call it also
Earth loving ambassador 
(the most amazing experts
Diy exercises
How to communicate the importance with everyone
> presentations and
Regenerative farming

Lets change the old paradigm with love and regenerative solutions

Benjo green thumb

We are directing the farming industry into a regenerative one.

Farmers mostly dont know, what harm they do to the planet with tilling, chemicals etc.
Or they dont know a better way.
> we can show them
And they can, will have to learn it or they need to be replaced by a regenerative farmer.

Subsidisation + petition
We need to make regenerative farming more easy than industrial

If we want to safe our planet
Nr 1 solution
= regenerative farming
> regenerative food
> regenerative diet
> regenerative + responsible
> earth and health loving people

can we make petitions and regenerative food more affordable

> Subsidisation for what is good for us all
> planet >soil > animals > insects
> healthy people > more ecology
> economy boost > employment

Kissground course ->soil advocate
= earth ambassador
>for everyone who wants to make a change and be (more) regenerative

> i love empowering others, but often lack knowledge and details.
I> i want to empower farmers, politicians, friends… Everyone


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