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About Me – My passions, Vision and why I am creating The Library for Positive Change

Aloha wonder, I’m Benny sauber, love inspiring with solutions and positive, constructive news, since I was feeling lost in Germany in a Job without meaning and feeling overwhelmed from all the “negative bullshit media”… Where are the solutions?

I love gardening and building Syntropic food forests and regenerative Solutions. i call myself “green-thumbed” and a world citizen on a humanitarian mission for our beautiful earth and humanity’s metamorphosis.

We are all children of the earth – Sitting in the same boat, Our Planet Arc

As you see, I’m deeply earth loving since I started Diving and reconnecting to my and our all nature. I’m highly passionate about Regenerative community and syntropic living. more to that later… I love Connecting to like minded people, to learn and grow as regenerating solutionaries. Also like to meet totally different minds and worldviews, because this is important to grow together with compassion and kindness.

We are one but not the same. We are individual drops, part of the waves of the vast ocean of creation, that is the universal love or energy… You are wave and drop, we are creator and creation. Art and artist.

Working on atm: Building Ecotopia and Regenerative eco Hubs – (visionary + solution oriented for the evolution)

Deeply Loving this phenomenal planet and all pressures life on it. I am inviting real, constructive or dreamy and lucid conversations. Or just lying in the grass or the water, breathing or chanting together. Experiencing all aspects of life and our human experience here together.

Chai, sometimes dirty, cacao, coconut oil, superfoods, adaptogenic mushrooms, lions mane, mct oil,

Lets be as fruitful and honest, natural as we are in any and every moment, Learning and growing together.

Adventures, Hobbies, Fun

Climbing, hiking waterfalls, diving, freediving, nature

Meditation, mindful eating and ujahi everywhere (oceanbreath)

and this incredible underwaterworld

Interested and wanna learn more of it:

Music – harmonica, ecstatic dance, freeing my nature, true self

Permaculture, regenerative farming, festivals, events for the planet.

Bein non attached, letting go, because evolution of creation is everything there is. Love is creation. We are creators and love at the deepest energetic level.

Yoga is union of mind, body, soul, earth, universe..

Living every moment, breathing life with mindfulness and attention.

  • Freediving, rockclimbing
  • Akro yoga + tantra
  • Zen thai shiatsu massage
  • Energy medicine/healing
  • Regenerative farming
  • Large scale regeneration with innovative solutions
  • Bushtakka and plant medicine
  • Compassion, empathy and oneness
  • Mindfulness, kundalini,

Exploring the inner and outter world with Awareness and the tools we have.

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