Arc of real evolution

I am a regeneratling – earthling and part of creation

Aloha my friends ❤

I am a Regeneratling Surfing the tsunami of Positive change and empowerment, with everyone who wants to live life on earth in a positive, growing, abundant adventure

Enjoying the deliciousness of life, by de-attaching, unlearning and Disidentification.
Letting go is the biggest gift we can give ourselves 

(Just) -Becoming - A Earthling - Part of Creation, we are one, but not the same...
individualisations of creations, love, and Energy that "matters" ?

Manifestations, that dance to the cosmic frequencies and vibrations, in harmony with the river of life.
Planting seeds of love, awareness, growth and evolution...

Uniting for this Wonderful planet, Life on earth, Because we are one with all.

Like the drops of rain, that go back to the ocean, into the air, rivers, animals...

We are the waves of the vast ocean of Love ❤

Source energy, that is in and between and surrounding everything and all that is and not is.

Understanding and feeling more and more into the universal alchemy and recognising myself as part of the one that always is...
Creation, Love, life, Energy

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