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Arc of real evolution

About my Passion and Vision and the story to Positive Inspiration and Regeneration

Benjy Green thumb, Born as Benjamin Sauber in Germany, Augsburg not so green at all, driving the hamsterwheel and following what society did, until Life guided me… Now a World centric citizen, on my clear mission for positive change and regeneration. After awakening re-connection, deeply to my truest self and our all mother… Nature, after I went diving and travelling in Thailand and Egypt… Seeing destruction, rainforest loss and connecting to LIfe – Again…

Nothing is now more important to me, than to bring humanity forward, to help our planet regenerating and thriving as one Family…

Aloha Wonderful peops, lovely friends and positive change seekers and makers!

I’m Benny, or Benjy Green thumb 🙂 – Learning and exploring regenerative farming Practices and Restoration projects in  lightning ridge, NSW and north Queensland, Australia. Were doing syntropic agroforestry and synthesizing Permaculture Principles with an understanding of biodynamic processes and anthropology etc..

My biggest dreams and Visions are:

(Connecting with like mindet or totally different people, to find ways, to bring us forward and together for all Life on this beautiful Earth(

  • large scale regeneration Projects, Regenerative Food forests and Aquaponics
  • desert greening and combining awesome innovations for Healing, Regeneration,
  • Farming and Positive change as a whole.
  • Online Library for uplifting inspiration and independent science etc.
  • Health, personal development, spiritual evolution.
  • Ecological consciousness and harmonic systems 

Regenerative Innovative Solutions, new and ancient methods and adventures, to Regenerate the damage our species did.

CONTENT insight – still updating – videos and recordings soon 🙂

  1. About me, origins, vision and purpose
  2. My Mission for positive change, Regeneration and the Evolution Library 
  3. My most life enriching resources – Websites, solution libraries, Projects
  4. Personal evolution – tools, inspiration, education platforms
  5. The life changing Videos, Books, Apps, – that elevated my story


By Empowering everyone for positive individual and Global change, regeneration and how I love to call it, The Regenerative, collective Evolution. Because we are all one, we are all children of this earth!

Sharing and connecting – for a real evolution we learn and grow together and leave behind whats not working (banks, destructive systems, pharma… xD)

By co-creating, supporting and spreading the word about the most amazing solutions and regeneration projects and innovative healing communities…

Delivering the worlds leading resources for positive change, empowerment and fruitful connections:

  • to regenerate our burning home, heal and reconnect us as humanity and bring us forward with elevating education and transformative development.

Developing from a sheep-society, catched in hamsterwheel programs,

Towards a evolutionary, self thinking, healthy and free eagle -like beings!

  • – the largest network of ecovillages and Solution library
  • – 101 solutions to reverse climate change – damage and blow your mind with easy, practicable solutions and innovations
  • – largest natural health platform, alternative, independend, scientific proven and leading in all areas.
  • gaia – –> Worlds most transformative development and education platforms. Real, empowering and freeing knowledge.


My Projects and Vision of Regeneration and empowerment

At the moment im visualising our own regeneration projects, online projects and empowering, while planting trees, diving, climbing and meeting wonderful people in communities and on the road or a swing by the beach…

I am currently working and travelling, on this miraculous part of the world, called Australia. I was mostly planting native trees, after i started with friends on the east coast, new south wales, the lovely Bellingen. Then i asked some organic farmers if they maybe need someone helping them (called> volunteering or Woofing).. And my transformative evolutionary adventure began…

  • Cow manure with Charcoal and other beneficial licking mixtures for cow feeds (but we need to stop animal feedlots and meat consumption)
  • large scale Syntropic, Permanent food forests as the Nr 1 Solution to Draw down – suck carbon
  • combined with Organic Waste – Upcycling from industries, Forestry (deforestation)
  • Aquponics, Composting, Natural building and solutions!

I needed to see so much destruction and deep emotional downs on my journey, but then my eyes opened, when I realised all the amazing solutions, I opened up and now I know WHY I AM HERE! I love to devote my life for our planet and Humanity. Because we are awesome! Sure Living healthy and regenerative adventures to empower change and be the change, by creating massive ripple effects…

Its awesome and magic, how the puzzle pieces come more and more together, people with great connections and the missing links come into my life to support my vision! Its so awesome, Thank you Life, thank you awsome people! Lets do great things, that’s for what were here – EVOLUTION!
Its time for greatness.
It is possible, We just need to work together my dear Friends!

The idea – Large scale regeneration with “wasted” material that’s so much value for Soil and Life!

With tons of Food waste, manure, and waste from industries, Farms and factories, Like Nutshells, coconut, woodchips/Waste etc.

How is pretty simple, Just dumping in large amounts on “dead-Dry-Poor Soil” and Restoring That soil, by fixing beneficial bacteria and organic carbon and nutrients into the ground!


I and also learned about the destructive forestry industries, while working with our company for them. gathering with wonderful people on yoga retreats, syntropic farms and desert greening projects, to contribute to a blossoming future. The year 2019 has been the most wonderful and transformative year in my life! Full of remarkable adventures, deep learnings and understanding my nature and the correlation and oneness within all life and even more… I made the most phenomenal changes had incredible epiphanies and self realisations… I became my true self, learned to follow my heart, attract the right and positive, like mindet people and now im doing what i really love, with who i love to be, love and share.


A bit more about my Vision – Purpose and Mission:

My core purpose, vision and mission is to inspire you and the world with this Evolution Library for positive change!

Uplifting everyone positively, with all the amazing things in our world, the solutions and human creations for positive change. Spreading the seeds of love into peoples hearts.

Being the one who inspires and empowers others and uplifts humanity, by being role model in our environment… So many people lost faith, because they don’t know where to find constructive positivity and the good things that humanity does!

It fills me endlessly with joy, happiness and grace, to share and be part of wonderful, innovative projects, regenerating deserts and deforestated farm- or mining land…

We are Sharing everything, that brings us as humanity forward and together again, plus re connecting us to our true nature. Creating uplifting ripple effects of kindness and healing, what leads into our collective evolution.

The years 2019 and 2020 were incredibly challenging, full of Game changing, global movements, people standing up, to save our planet and huge shifts in economy, finance, health and most important… INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS, PHENOMENAL INNOVATIVE NETWORKS AND REGENERATION IN massive scale, that the world has seen never bevore!

It´s on us to be the solution – And it’s super simple today!

Simply… to participate and start projects and gatherings, for our collective sustainable evolution.

  • On our daily routines, responsible consumption
  • What companiy do we want to support by buying products and services
  • supporting local, health and pesticide free food
  • investing in good things, giving our money to the banks and systems of tomorrow
  • Just being Pro-Live – Pro planet – and no more pollution for our home

Millions of people striking – we want no more pollution ♥

Aswell i share everything what elevates us towards our personal evolution, in form of Books, docos, websites, networks, videos and all the mind blowing and life changing stuff…

I invite you to the Library of positive change – The arc of solutions.

My Life purpose, to spread these endless wonderful innovations and solutions for a healthy, happy, sustainably connected humanity in balance with mother nature.

Together into a new paradigm!

You will see here, the collection of a bearded, sustainable adventurer,  who is showing, how amazing humans are.

There are endless things to say, but i want to keep it simple, bevore the story.

Focuses, what´s going right in our world rather whats wrong and what the media wants us to believe.

Reconnecting to our real nature of love and connecting the puzzle pieces together, for a real sustainable evolution.

By re-engineering the old and destructive systems and improving our way of thinking and acting.

You also love to see endless positive changes?

Focusing amazing solutions, the largest networks of ecovillages, positive change makers and regenerative thinking people.. rather than always worrying about the media, other countries, politicians… blah blah. Yes it is important to be up to date, but we should choose our source wisely….

Discovering the most phenomenal innovations, tools and movements for a flourishing humanity, a regenerating and thriving Planet earth and how to create the best version of yourself, sounds great or?!

Join the Global sustainable movement and grow with us for a blossoming future and a real, sustainable Evolution <3

The Evolution Library is for everyone…

  • You will discover how we safe our selves from the destructive hamster-wheel-sheepworld,
  • reprogramming and deweeding our core believes towards freedom,
  • Purging away negative believes, people and systems that don’t serve us or the planet
  • Re-learning critical questioning and LOVE.
  • We are reversing the damage, that the lost and confused people in power and the industries made.

It´s the time for massive, collective positive shifts and i will empower you here, with all that life enriching stuff, that inspires me most, gave me hope in times of confusion and opened the door, when i couldn’t find the way out.

Now, today, i’m more confident and fulfilled, than ever bevore in my life, personally and for the planets future!

  • I collected the most life changing resources, tools, platforms
  • everything that elevated my story, showed me the way to meaning and purpose
  • the most transforming books, education platforms
  • Solution libraries and positive change networks that will blow your mind
  • Share the Love – Spreading hope, solutions and innovative creativity

The Evolutionary Journey towards constructive optimism, purpose and positive change…

Discover how amazing humans are, and reveal your fullest potentials, how i am doing it. i’m sure, you will get inspired and motivated with all these phenomenal Websites, videos, platforms and networks for positive change and global healing. Get ready for your individual evolution and the endless opportunities on this wonderful planet!

Quick Links to the most amazing resources, websites, tools…

My favorite and greatest resources for positive individual change, global regeneration and our collective evolution: –> Best climate reality videos and why 2019 gave us more hope than ever <3

We have come incredibly far in building a powerful movement to solve the climate crisis, and so much of that success is because of you, incredible supporters of positive change and sustainable solutions.
But as scientists’ warnings intensified this year – we must do more.

It´s on me and you, to inspire and motivate others, to thrive on this unique planet, OUR only and burning HOME!

Whats motivating me endless, on my bearded story

Just a few of the amazing game changer,

for a regenerative future and a healing planet.

And hey, by the way, the movie “game changers – 2019” is a great one, showing the amazing impact and health facts with a plant based diet!

Science backed and proven by the best athlets in the world!

Heart warming Treeplanting records, and global sustainable changes

Books for the numbers and facts: Factfulness, everything is fucked…

  • 50 million trees in indonesia, the great green wall over whole africa, treeplanting and seedbombing per drone
  • Endless large scale regeneration movements
  • Climate strikes, Petitions with millions of people
  • Desert greening, lowest crime rates, lowest poverty
  • Thousand of sustainable solutions, Products, and protection plans for our burning bed, our mother nature…

But also the worst fires ever, biggest droughts and climate wake up calls to humanity.

It´s time to use our social networks for REAL Human connection!

  • Game changing, global movements to save our planet!

That´s why the Library for positive change, the arc of solutions has been created.

  • Innovations, Tools, websites, channels, networks for positive change!

–> Here my Introvideo, about Solution Library – my first one 🙂  

For a Sustainable Evolution! The Tsunami of positive change!

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”
― Lao Tzu

Story about the bearded happiness, a healty adventurer from germany.

Crazy enough, to save the world and with his 27 years olf, wise enough to understand what´s the most important thing in life for him.

He is always smiling, calm in every craziest situation, because he knows, it is how it is and if you worry you make it double, so be happy and optimistic.

Kindess in the moment and health -focused, because it is our temple, where we don´t want poison!

You have problems, he´s got the solutions, aswell in book, or digital form for all our challenges. Imagine, if he had the fire extinguisher for all situations in his pocket. This bearded dude from germany…

Discovering the most unbelievable wonders of our planet with Endless life enriching learnings and unforgettable experiences…

happy, healthy and optimistic, like the ancient stoics, because the way is the goal and the obstacle the way.

Bookinspiration: “The Obstacle is the way” – get key wisdom from bestseller books on Storyshots for free)

Life enriching book summaries on Blinkist – The professional version for his self evolution!

It started with search for meaning in life in Augsburg, beautiful germany, heading over to freedive -adventures with lfe changing epiphanies and jungle adventures in 2017.

The journey of hope in the river of life

“Act without expectation.”
― Lao Tzu

After climbing up awesome waterfalls in thailand, licking the essence of the wild and doing his Advanced Diver in thailand, he decided to leave germany and explore the river of life, to find his own truth.

Everything changed rapidly.

He learned daily, important lessons for life, connected to mother nature and his true nature. From essential self development books and wise teachers, over documentaries and meditational journeys.

Pathway to massive, sustainable change

“Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires.”
― Lao Tzu

Finally to the so called, most dangerous australia, endless wonderful things happened.

He went not just planting trees in australias deserts and beautiful, but freezing cold mountains. Hikes in the gigantic blue mountains in Australia or beautiful rainforests and organic farms are everywhere.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
― Lao Tzu

He reconnected to his true nature, our all nature and saw, how amazing humans can bee, all the things what we can do to turn the titanic and how we create a sustainable, real evolution.

A magical, medicinal stairway, to wisdom and spiritual science

At a syntropic farm with a yoga retreat and krishna village, he also discovered Ayurveda, the path of the yogis, combined with permaculture, aswell as he found his deep, inner peace and real purpose in life.

Passionated for holistic, sustainable solutions and always talking about regeneration projects and how to inspire others, he also learned about syntropic agroforestry and regenerative farming.

Sustainable connections got created and projects and solutions with wonderful human beings have been the daily creativity routine.

All of that directed his life towards a passion for positive change.

We need all our power towards reversing damage and destruction on our Home! We´ve got the tools – We know how to fix it! 

One of his favorite things in life is, to talk about incredible Innovations and share tools and solutions, to grow and evolve.

Short – loving everything for global, positive change and our personal development.

I am the bearded Benny, happy, healthy, mindful in the moment.

A imperfectly, sustainable adventurer and inspiriter.

Friends call me Benny, or now aswell bearded benno 🙂

At Home, in germany, i always looked forward for the short weekend to be with my friends and researching, what i can do in life for more meaning.

Now i´m here, creating wonderful projects with amazing people, for a blossoming future on this amazing Planet – our Home!

What our journey is about:

Discovering our soul purpose, creating the life we really want!

Epiphanies, awakenings, realisasions, a meaningful life! ♥

To be in harmony and peace, sustainably connected, with people who are on the same wave. A beneficial sharing economy, serving our mother nature.

To grow together, for our collective evolution in sustainable harmony!

For me, there is nothing more important, then to restore our nature and inspire people to be part of the solution.

For our wonderful, sensitive ecosystem!


My story

From an industrial mechanic, process optimizing and planning for a lamps producer…

If people live a happy life with a sustainable mindset, they care more for their environment!

I included more and more healthy and sustainable changes into my daily life and consumption.

Now i know my life purpose,

my biggest goal is to bring positive change, innovations and life changing solutions where they’re needed.

Please feel free, to tell me about wonderful re-gen -projects, collaborations and coral reforestation etc.

I can´t work just for money anymore, without focus on positive change and sustainable improvement or doing just something constructive for the planet!

I´ve been always a „Solutionist“ and a positive change maker!

To create a blossomimg future – a sustainable evolution ??

Sharing all these life changing stuff with the world!

That´s where the Library for positive change came up!

Everything what changed my life, opened my eyes and helped me to find my way!

  • Game changing, global movements to save our planet!
  • My favorite Tools, websites, channels, networks.

–> Here my Introvideo – my first one 🙂 


Inspiration with incredible projects, to see how amazing humans can be!

Yess, our beds are burning, mother nature is crying!

  • Corals and forests are dying – but we are planting more trees then ever!
  • We have endless Solutions and large scale regeneration projects!
  • Game changing innovations – Technologies, next gen farming
  • More information than ever bevore!

All the amazing, important things on one place:

  • Motivation – inspiration – positive change – Videos
  • Innovations – Solutions – large scale regeneration Projects
  • Networks, Websites, Communities for positive change!
  • Eye opening Docos, books, Videos – spread the word, inspire others
  • Personal development – health, tools and videos – it begins in us!

A blossoming, sustainably connected humanity <3

Happy – Healthy – harmonic and ECO

Im so endless grateful for these wonderful, transforming informations and networks we have today!!

We are all connected – We are part of this ecosystem – depending on it!

  • Personal development tools, Videos, etc.

Links to:

  • The overview -Homepage- Archive with all categories
  • 1. Inspiring, motivating Videos
  • 2. My Morning Routine – Personal evolution
  • favorites (Tools, apps, Book-tools, health,
  • yoga, meditation, affirmation, Soundhealing

–> Channels, Websites, Networks for collective, sustainable Evolution!

  • Podcasts, Videos, … – new thinking – inspiration

Regeneration – Innovations, Solutions, Projects, Networks…

  • Regeneration projects – large scale reforestation
  • Next generation farming – vertical, aquaponic, urban…
  • 3. Wonderful signs of Hope –> Endless game changing innovations
  • -> Energy solutions – renewables, batteries,
  • new and ancient fiber – Hemp, Mushrooms, Alges

to live a happy, healthy, meaningful life! –> Book – summaries – Apps – Health, Yoga, Meditation, Sound healing,

Most amazing studies – eye opening Videos:

Spirit science – incredible studies – eyeopening!

  • sparking the beginning of a massive journey for so many of us, exploring the nature of consciousness, spirituality, and the mysteries of life. Today, in 2019, we take that conversation to the next level!
  • In this brand new deluxe edition of Spirit Science 1, we have taken all that you loved about the original Spirit Science 1, and transformed it with updated information, a number of scientific experiments, and brand new drawings, many of which are re-creations of the original art!

My favorites – youtube channel – Podcasts:

Podcasts – talks – channels 

Website – conscious – science – evolution 


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      I just creat a new article with amazing solutions, projects and resources for positive change and motivation 😉

      all the best and stay wonderful, happy, healthy and positve!

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