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About the Most inspiring and empowering Podcasts -eye opening videos and uplifting Ted talks

Aloha wonderful friends and human beings!

So excited to share and  talk about these amazing things with all of you! That stuff is really uplifting and inspiring my mornings and days with positive, wonderful stuff! Exactly what we need in this times of negative  mainstream bombardements.

Enjoy wonderful beings! Share it if you love it too, to empower positive changes, connect to others…

Let´s get in contact to talk about everything that brings us and humanity forward – for a blossoming, healthy, happy and sustainably connected future <3 

Chapter 2.1 – of the Positive change Resources 

– the most life changing and inspiring Podcasts + amazing videos and ted talks

–> I listen to things like that every day – creating a positive cocoon to stay in the flow with fundamental, life changing desicions, and a healthy, positive, creative mindset, that attracts miracles and amazing people and supportive circumstances in my life <3 

Let´s grow and evolve together – Sustainably connected, for a blossoming, amazing future. We are the regeneration.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Dr. Wayne Dyer


Content Overview:

1. Intro – Message– About  these life changing and amazing podcasts and how amazingly they empowered my life! 

– Eye opening inspiration for a happy, healthy, peaceful life and humanity. For your collective, sustainable evolution towards the highest, truest expression of our selves. With amazing sustainable inspiration for a blossoming, regenerative future as a “Interbeing” -interconnected…


2. The Podcast list – uplifting – highly inspiring – mindblowing – life changing  and empowering positive changes!

  • 2.1 – My Spotify Podcasts playlist (Inspiration for our evolution)
  • 2.2 – My favorites with some awesome and wonderful episodes 

3 – “Charles Eisenstein” – ResourcesMy favorite source of inspiration – the amazing positive change maker

Website – Podcasts, Books, Resources…

– 3.1 – Links to his books and podcasts etc.

– 3.2. – More About charles and his wonderful way of thinking

4. – Videos – TED TALKs and empowering Motivation – Amazingly uplifting and wonderfully eye opening!

– Life changing motivation, ted talks, inspiring speeches and presentations

 – Links to my Youtube playlists 

–  4.1 – Sustainable – regenerative future inspiration – collective shifts 

– How we reverse – protect regeneratie – Innovations – solutions – Projects – What we need to do? 

VideosFrom positive individual changes, regenerative communities, to sustainable global and collective shifts and solutions <3 


4.2 – Incredibly empowering Motivational videos – speeches 

– Personal succes – happiness on the way – focus what i love and want in life!

Most Life Changing and uplifting! I listen to it every day and keep the most important things in presence!

“Don´t die with your music still in you!” – We all got a heroic mission – a purpose to fullfill here!
Don´t be afraid to listen to that music and march to it! 

– Creating real happiness, personal success, self love and create best version of our self! <3

– Create a powerful morning routine – create an attitude of gratitude and happiness


4.3 – About some of my favorites – Insights and messages from these powerful Motivational Videos
– Notes and words of mine, about these incredible and eye opening motivation!
–> Morning routine list 
– How to start your day successfull, happy, breathing and healthy 
– healthy mindset – happy life – happy people
– deweeding our inner garden and reprogramm our mind <3 


Enjoy wonderful beings! Share it if you love it too and let´s get in contact to talk about everything that brings us and humanity forward – for a blossoming, healthy, happy and sustainably connected future <3 

  1. Intro Message 

Aloha wonderful friends and human beings!

I´m really thankful and ultra excited, to share all these amazing people and empowering resources! which we can use for our collective and sustainable evolution. 

From positive individual , healthy changes,  to find our own way, over to regenerative communities, sustainable global and collective shifts, holistic solutions and innovations <3 

Get positive”vibes” with these amazing resources, that still inspire and motivate me every day!

You want to get amazing and good things to see instead of the same corona-story and mainstream-negativity -stuff every day? You want to be happy, real, positive, successfull?! Deweeding your life from destructive and negative things, to create the life you really want?

Discover, Learn, connect and create with these life changing resources for your highest potentials and a new thinking and life!  Building your future right now – let go of conditions and let´s live fully!

Stuff that will inspire you with positive changes and empower uplifting vibes for a blossoming future!

Incredibly eye opening podcasts ´nd mind blowing conversations and speeches that can change your life forever… <3 

Read – learn – grow – connect – evolve <3 – Leaders are readers – I do what people do where i want to be!

“I become what i choose to think about” – Change begins from the inside
 – Have a open mind – open to everything – attached to nothing 

noone knows enough to be a pessimist… What you choose to think about, expands 

– So we need to take care and deweed our inner garden from negative and destructivity, in order to grow and flourish <3



About – Incredible Podcasts, conversations and Talks (+TED -Videos)

The “holistic”, or new and ancient understanding, for our reconnection to our true nature and this wonderful planet. What leads into social and global health, and prosperty we need to thrive together!


Get motivated and inspired to create the best version out of your life and be the positive change you want to see

Most of them are to inspire positive individual changes, towards a sustainable, healthy mindset and a blossoming future, whats leading into a collective shift. The new paradigm were heading into! 

I will also put Links to ARTICLEs  with reviews about special PODCASTs i love and conversations that inspired me most <3

2. – Most amazing Podcasts – That will inspire positive changes in you – i promise <3

– They inspire and open my eyes every morning again! – How to re -engineer systems from separation to sustainable, regeneration and love – Programming our society and create the new story of interbeing regeneration and love.


2.1. My Spotify Podcast Playlist for our Evolution <3

Get positive, sustainable inspiration and empower uplifting vibes!

Do, listen or read every day 15-20 minutes something that brings you forward, to create the best version – every day 1% better and your life will improve faster than you ever thought <3

2.2 – My favorite Podcasts that empower and open eyes

They are also just wonderful and heart warming to listen to <3
My absolute favorite for incredible inspiration – Economy – Politics, sustainable holistic regeneration, philosophic amazing worldview and life changing inspirit <3
  • Plant yourself 
      a sustainable mind Podcast  + On emotional Sustainability…

Rebel wisdomSense making in times of crisis

Daniel Schmachtenberger –> Risk, Possible szenarious, Solutions – responses –> Crucial information and what to do (21.3.20)
  • Russel brand + charles eisenstein
  • joe rogan
  • rebel wisdom
2.3 – Deutsche Podcasts – German
+Episode: – Starkes Mindset in schwierigen Zeiten 
  • Child of wild – Podcast der liebe, Echtheit, Natürlichkeit, der Reinhaiet und Kreativität, der Verbindung, der reinen Form von Liebe + des Vertrauens, der Gefühle, der Sinnlichkeit, des Fließenden, authentischen Seins –
  • Du bist schon alles, du warst es schon immer, du musst dich nur wieder daran erinnern <3

Personal & collective -Spiritual – evolution:

  • eckhart tolle
  • Abraham hicks 
  • sadhguru – inner engineering and isha kriya yoga
  • Alan Watts – man of no ego + lectures + books
  • 7mind poddy + meditation app
  • kryon 
  • gregg braden 
  • Dr. joe dispenza

3. – Charles Eisenstein – Resources

– 3.1 Links to Websites, Books and Podcasts

– 3.2 – More About charles and his wonderful way of thinking
– 3.3 – About His Wonderful books
– “Climate a new story”
– Sacred economics”
– A more beautiful world”


3.1. Resources – Links – Homepage – website – facebook

Facebook – Groups


Resources – Books 

Books (oldest first)

Podcasts – Really incredible – amazing how he puts everything in perspective and pictures <3

  • “A new and ancient story”
  • A More Beautiful World Is Possible at Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Podcast

Plant Yourself Podcast

Charles Eisenstein, author of Climate: A New Story, joins Howard Jacobson on the Plant Yourself Podcast to talk 

About this wonderful change makers
podcast and website:

–> One of the most amazing positive change inspiriter, philosophs, with a incredibly eye opening and harmonious view of a deeper understanding.


Because he puts all the important co-relations so eye opening in perspective, that you feel into it and understand, that we leave a story of separation, what leaded into global and collective destruction.


Discover, what it means, that we´re heading into a new paradigm of interbeing and understanding the meaning of oneness and interconnectedness. That all life on earth is part of this ecosystem and dying of whales or wolves can have devastating “symptoms”…

Which not just need a “symptom-enemy” -pill, but a holistic, root-cause analysis, and thats where our collective understanding and the sustainable evolution goes towards <3 




We are already creating a new story of interbeing – global and social health – sustainable economics. Etc. 

It is just wonderful to see and to feel these incredible and so much needed changens for our planet!


We are mirror of the world – everything we do and accept in the world is, what we accept doing to ourselves 💚☯️🦋🌈🌅


I just saw at my morning run and yoga at the beach at burrum heads a dead shark, even more… his head without teeth and the middle part – cut off!!!

Horrible what people can do! I love these wonderful animals and all life so much, i could never do this!


But that is also what motivates me to do positive inspiration, talk about and spread solutions, positive inspiration, most important


“Love – Unity – forgiveness – sustainable inspiration”

About the Book Sacred Economics 

traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme – but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.


Sacred Economics (2012) - short film by Ian MacKenzie, a teaser on the ideas of Charles Eisenstein and the return of the gift.

4.1 - TED TALKs and YT Videos - Sustainable - regenerative future inspirit

    4.2 - Most inspiring motivational videos and speeches that empower my days!

    • – LINKS to incredibly inspiring Ted-Talks, Videos and amazing presentations etc.

    Amazingly uplifting and eye opening in wonderful ways, by showing us whats possible, 

    • how we can reach a better future for all 
    • and where to start

    4.1. – Sustainable – regenerative future inspirit:

    • From positive individual changes to sustainable global and collective shifts and solutions <3 

    • Find horn – Daniel Wahl regenerative future
    • Youtube Playlist with amazing inspiration – Talks, 

      – morning Routine (Plan 1% of the day – 14min. – be grateful – inspiring words)

      – Wayne dyer 

      – 7 principles 

      Be Inspired 

      – Mulligan brothers ….

      – Abraham 

      – fearless

    Most amazing motivational Videos – Lifechanging speeches

    – Inspiration to find true happiness, inner peace, morning motivation, personal success – collected the most eye opening and empowering speeches

    –> I listen to things like that every day – creating a positive cocoon to stay in the flow with fundamental, life changing desicions. 

    Simply a Healthy, positive, creative mindset, that attracts miracles and amazing people aswell as unbelievable, supportive circumstances in my life <3 

    – happiness – big smile – Selflove – gratitude – Nobody outside can put negative emotions or thoughts inside my garden!


    – EVERY MOMENT – EVERY MORNING IS A NEW BEGINNING – to create the life i wanna live! not others

    #daily positive inspirit 


    Fearless soul – live inspired – be inspired – mulligan brothers


    Youtube Playlist with amazing inspiration for life!


    “Don´t die with your music still in you” <3 – Wayne D.”

    Listen to that music inside – and follow it – dance to it!

    Every challenge is there to grow and learn – evolve

    there is no failure – just falling forward!

    Happiness is the way not a goal – the obstacle is the goal



    VIDEOLINKS – Most amazing, empowering Videos:

    -follow your heart and lead with your intensions to serve others and life on this planet positively


    – following your intuition and truly give your soul

    -positive change – success inspiration


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    4.3 – About some of my favorites – Insights and messages from these powerful Motivational Videos

    Team fearless – website 

    Insights – About Video:

    –> Start every morning winning

     – Eye opening – uplifting morning Motivation inspiring – 

    • Number 1. Gratitude.
    • Write it and FEEL how grateful you are for those things. One by one.
    • There’s no right or wrong way to do this, write down whatever comes through you naturally.

    Number 2. Meditation


    Every day, listen to something that is going to help you take ACTION toward the person you want to become.

    Number 4. Exercise and Nutrition.

    LIFE is much easier if you are feeling healthy and energetic, and you’re only going to get that from making strong choices every day.

    Most people are not happy. Don’t be most people.

    Make this a priority in your life… and IMPORTANT: Just be present and pay conscious attention to how you feel when you REALLY, whole heartedly do these processes with an open mind and heart.

    IF you do miss a day, or one part of it, don’t beat yourself up, also pay attention to how you feel when you don’t do it, and get back on track.

    You deserve this.

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