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Best Shungite Articles collected – Usage – Benefits – Experiments

Discover the amazing benefits for health, water, garden and bees and your home. Quick and natural solution for everyone who has health issues, wants to prevent or protect from emfs, radiation, phone etc.

Learn about the different stones and dive into emfs. Enjoy, Your green thumbed Benny

Get the shungites directly from russia, the origin – karelian heritage shop


True story of shungites – short Vid.

This Video describes shungites short and with some nice illustrations + about saving bees. 

Shungite Simply brings everything from dis/unharmonic states to Harmonic and healthy resonance. Neutralising Harmful Electro magnetic waves… helping the body and nature to perform at peak health and “spin state” get rid of viruses, infections…

1. All about shungites, health, water, science, emf protection, Videos, Saving bees… HERE

Yt Playlist – Videos about shungites saving beehives and more

  1. Shungite powder use for pain, garden, health, detox, bees + beehives, plant growth…
  2. (i do a project soon with our beehive and share all i know)
  3. Shungite water experiment with spinach leaves (rotting without shungite)
  4. Shungite water pebbles – healthy, detoxing, harmonising the water molecules and Emfs/Radiation
  5. Shungite EMF protection set – bracelett + pendant + Elite Nugget

Lots of love, health and Energy to you my friends. Your Green Thumbed Regeneratling, Benny 😉

Learn at the end here, about EMFS – Electro magnetic fields and harmful 5g etc. And how shungite helps us to protect and harmonising (bees and plants proove the power and benefits aswell)

Links in the screenshots, from – the humble aussie Shungite Lover and supplier.

Dont buy fake shungites – oder from authentic supplier, like shungite

– here you see how to identify fake shungites with a multimeter

What are EMFs – Electric and magnetic waves?

Link to the full article on shungite masters by clicking on the pic or here

Differences between Electric + El-Magnetic Fields and EMFs


Shungite sets are perfect for comprehensive EMF protection. They usually contain shaped items like pyramids or spheres that can be used for home, and jewelry or single shungite nugget for personal protection. It is a perfect way to protect against harmful electromagnetic radiation and negative energies, bring harmony and balance into your home and body.

What is a magnetic field – a field, arising the motion of electrons and protons (electric charges) – two polarities

More amazing Stuff:

For other cool stuff, visit these Websites

Shungite Stone Of Life. Com (usa)

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