Arc of real evolution

A Library for positive change – Aloha Wonder!

Welcome to your “Arc of incredible Solutions & real sustainable evolution”

The “Library for positive change, personally and globally!

What do you think are the things, humanity needs the most in this wonderful, but critically times?

I think, a place for motivation, inspiration and love!

I learned on my journey, people getting enormous happy and inspired, when they see, how amazing and wonderful projects are going on in the world!

If we see the HUGE SHIFT and Positive changes, most people want to be part of the solution!

I invite you to my gift to the world – and also to be a part of the solution 

I will facilitate everything to create a abundance of a green, wonderfully, sustainably connected future for us all.


I will show you here the most amazing projects, world changing innovations and people on earth!


I´ve been always a “Solutionist” and a positive change maker!

For me, there is nothing more important, then to restore our nature and inspire people to be part of the solution.

For our wonderful, sensitive ecosystem!

I did Workshops and always searched for solutions and positive change!

I first started with a sustainable travelblog, about Asia, sustainable travelling, Life hacks, carbon offset etc.

On my way i was always wondering about the amazing things we create, but also how many people don´t know about, how good everything goes!

Why i created the Solution Library for positive change and inspiration

Super easy though,

i want to share everything i learned and researched with the world! Spreading the good stuff out! Motivate you with incredible Solutions!

Inspiration with incredible projects, to see how amazing humans can be!

Yess, our beds are burning, mother nature is crying!

  • Corals and forests are dying – but we are planting more trees then ever!
  • We have endless Solutions and large scale regeneration projects!
  • Game changing innovations – Technologies, next gen farming
  • More information than ever bevore!

Let´s use our social network for REAL Human connection!

For a sustainable Evolution! The Tsunami of positive change!

All the amazing, important things on one place:

  • Motivation – inspiration – positive change – Videos
  • Innovations – Solutions – large scale regeneration Projects
  • Networks, Websites, Communities for positive change!
  • Eye opening Docos, books, Videos – spread the word, inspire others
  • Personal development – health, tools and videos – it begins in us!

My Passion – positive change

Now i know, My life purpose, my biggest goal is to bring positive change, innovations and life changing solutions where they’re needed.

And facilitate this incredible solutions and projects of hope and healing to everyone – to you!

Personal development contributes to our collective evolution!

If people live a happy life with a sustainable mindset, they care for their environment!

Everything what helped me to find real purpose and live a meaningful adventure.

As a solution library with all the incredible Personal tools, apps etc. Everything what changed my life

What still blows my mind

What´s helping millions others to find real meaning in life.

All the game changing projects – large scale regeneration – technologies to restore our sensitive, wonderful eco system!

Ubuntu – My wellbeing is yours (african wisdom)

Whats happening in the world

  • What needs to be done
  • How we solve this problems
  • Within ourselves – and the world

You can think and do positive changes in your life


focussing the positive solution and people

Or stuck with unhealthy, negative habits, people and thoughts

I can do it

You can do it!

Have the best day ever –

Stay wonderful

Your bearded Benny ???

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