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All about Shungites – The Natural Healing Stone

Here is i think one of the most natural and remarkable solutions, called shungite (schungit). A high content Carbon stone with amazing benefits for our health, healing and protection. I use it on the beehive, for my water, Food, In the gardens for plant enhancement and Emf Protection (Proven tests and science) easy video here.

Facebook article About c60 fullerenes and quantum healing etc.

Get your Healing shungites here:

Look at this wonderful shungite Life store – I just partnered with them because I love their passion and Great Real Shungites

Amazing Benefits are:

+ protect ourselves from harmful Emfs, counteract toxins etc.

+ harmonise our homes,

+ purifying water and garden!

Bees are detoxing too and thriving insanely better!

+ On top, we’re Saving the bees and our garden will see tremendous growth enhancement when using shungites!

(I will get a little commission from them, for sharing the goodness with you and taking the time here. its not changing anything for you, but helps me spread solutions and Health, regeneration etc. ) Thank you!

Get your real healing Shungites here

-> my recommendation and links to get REAL Shungites from a australian, authentic supplier. Shungite masters.

Benefits of shungite for you, water, bees and our planet – short and simple explained

Aloha, im Benny, the green thumbed Regenerative Solutionist. Check out this quick summary on what is shungite and why we all should have some at home and in our gardens and water tanks.

This Video describes shungites short and with some nice illustrations + about saving bees.

Articles + where to get the miracle stone, powder and Water or Emf harmoniser

  1. Saving Billions of Bees and Protecting ourselves – Videos + shungite bee hives
  2. AUSSIE – Authentic, Real Shungite Products/stores we use and recommend

How it started me on this healing journey and why it became so important for me to spread health and help as many people as possible

Solution to neutralise harmful Emfs, 5g, Radiation, Toxic chemicals etc.

Why im so strongly sharing these important health solutions

Since my dad and so many people die from diseases we could avoid, like many forms of cancer and brain/heart deseases… and the pollution we got everywhere…

I researched many years about health, natural healing, anti cancer solutions to prevent and heal The Symptoms of the toxic environment we created.

Its time for greatness and people wake up for the real and natural solutions.

All about shungite – short

The Shungite stone is simply a black Stone with a special Carbon Structure, (fullerene – C60 = 60 carbon Molecules in a cluster spinning in the right – harmonic state)

– > with phenomenal benefits for all living organisms, water and harmonises Electro magnetic Frequencies, negative radiation.

It also neutralises disharmony in cells and ourbody, helps with viruses, bacterial infections and EMF Harm.

What is shungite?

Its all proven many times.

Scientifically, independently, and the bees and human health proof it the most.

What is it that this amazing fullerene structured Carbon stone? !

Benefits of the Stone, that Harmonises Emf waves, radiation, Water impurity and even plant growth…

Shungites are another huge solution to Healing the world, saving the bees, harmonising pollution, radiation, EMF waves and detoxifying water and humans… We all know cellphones are not good, Phone towers and Wifi is causing stress, more and more peopleget sick… 5g, wifi, Microwaves, radiation… You dont need to worry for cancer, brain and other deseases – we got a easy and cheap solution

Shungite Water

Shungite has youthful quality, healing properties and helps to purify water. Shungite cleans water from organic compounds, heavy metals, chlorine bacteria, harmful microorganisms and improves the taste of water. It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 glasses of Shungite water a day to cure or prevent digestive, muscular or neural system illnesses and to increase circulation of blood. Daily use of Shungite water to wash face or body improves elasticity of skin, gives it a healthy look, helps the drinker to get rid of acne, skin redness and other skin problems.

The Shungite Book + insights to studies

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