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Amazing Benefits of Aquaponic Planting Systems – 90% less water, no chemicals,

I saw a few amazing aquaponic oases, asked and researched a lot about the pros, cons and labour intensity, and I’m stoked! There is no doubt, that it is the cheapest and easiest way to grow organic, healthy veggies, anywhere.

More amazing benefits:

  • Sustainable source of home-Grown, toxic free fish. (best jade perch, silverperch,)
  • No weeding,
  • no chemicals,
  • no Time for watering of plants, because of the closed system
  • > 2-3 times faster plant growth, without nutrient loss or defficiencies.

A circular Aquatic river of life.

On top of that we can grow sustainable fish, thats feeding thesystemandits ammonia fiah dung is turning into nitrates for the plants.


Through the aquaponics method of gardening, plants have 24/7 access to nutrients allowing them to grow faster. Take an instance where regularly lettuce takes about 2 months to grow to maturity when in soil. However, the same vegetable will take only one month in an aquaponics system. With lighting systems for the plants and heat pumps for the fish, you could grow year-round.

  • The Aquaponic method provides an environment of nutrients that help plants to flourish.
  • This sustains a wide variety of fruit and vegetable types as well as other flora.
  • The plants grow up to 2-3 times as fast without depleting the nutrients.
  • The plants grow more robust leaves and fruiting parts at 3-4 times the density.

We focus mainly on edible fruiting plants like leafy vegetables, tomatoes, etc. on this website, but go over these in more detail on our post, Best Plants for Aquaponics.

Aquaponics System Grow Beds Without Weeds or Soil Pests

One of the downsides of vegetable gardening is fighting off the weeds whether it be by manually pulling them or applying toxic herbicides. With an Aquaponics system, there’s no chance of soil-born weeds growing in the media since there is no soil. That’s a lot of time saved, as well as eliminating the need for toxic herbicides.

Farms as well as backyard gardeners lean towards chemical fertilizers to maintain nutrient-rich soil. This leads to harmful fertilizer toxin run off into the watershed environment. This often leads to harmful side effects when they reach rivers and lakes.

Since there is no soil in the aquaponics system, there are no soil pests to destroy the plants. Insect pests can cause a lot of destruction and we tend to eliminate them using pesticides. This is harmful to the plants and those of us that eat them.  However, with this type of garden design, it’s easy to grow plants without the presence of soil pests or the need to use pesticides.

No Need for Manual Watering of Aquaponics Plants

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