Arc of real evolution

Truly transforming Life inspiration with Eckhart Tolle, Alan watts, etc. – epiphanies for a happy and meaningful life

How to lean living our truest, highest self in the now, by creating a fulfilling life.

Wonderful, eye opening Youtube Video about the most amazing and important lessons for life. From Alan watts, Eckhart Tolle, Dr Joe dispenza… I listen always to any of these eye opening lectures, books, teachings or speeches.

Our path or river of Life is like a wonderful dance. While dancing you don’t dance to come somewhere, you dance for the act, love and art of dancing. The art of Life is to learn to dance the dance in the moment and march to our inner music. Not to reach a goal or come to a destination…

In many religions people pray to the finger, that’s pointing to the way or the truth, mostly for own interest. But these wonderful beings boost our true spirit and create a open, loving and conscious freedom. Independent and empowering.

Just to name a few of the most important humans for me:

Alan watts, Eckhart Tolle, be inspired, Dr Joe dispenza, sadhguru, Deepak Chopra, Greg Braden, Abraham hicks – esther hicks,


For our self evolution:

Eckhart tolle – AUDIOBOOKS

Alan watts

I really agree and I’m so thankful for these great teachers, that show us the way and lift the veil. They came into my life, when I started opening for ways and going my own pathway to create myself.

And it’s amazing, that I just talked about with someone. And then this video came up.

Lets go, enjoy this and start being master not victim of your environment, inner as outter world.

More… Just be and lean to follow your intuition, it guides us towards the right way, for our truest, highest expression of our selves.

Watch and explore the thinking and physical world ?️?????

A few of the most important lessons and learnings for life

If you want to life truly happy and meaningful, improving your real self, going your own way in the river of life.

Experiencing miracles…