Arc of real evolution

Amazing podcast inspiration to develop our identity +improve our life and planet-healing – striving for completion – transforming stuff I’ve just listened to

Personal growth and collective evolution +social +global healing.

Transforming Podcasts that recently inspire me and blow my mind, with disruptive, new thinking, innovation creativation with the Mindvalley – new technologies, sustainable inspirit and regenerative living with Charles Eisenstein…

We’re heading into New paradigms inner and outside world. Mostly we and humanity need a huge purge and cleansing, to deweed our worlds, to create a blossoming, Metamorphosing story. Get inspired as I am, with these incredible uplifting, mind blowing and eye opening conversations and resources.

Dr Joe dispenza at hay house – dispenza rewire, Re engineering our mind, body, life

Newest nd most mind blowing Scientific studies + evidence for unbelievable healing and transformation, through creation thinking and letting go – Workshops-therapy meditations

Terrys – books:

Disruption off – edge

– on innovation – innovative thinking and doing +examples

… How To Think Like An Innovator – Terry Jones The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

Charles on geoengineering

A more beautiful world (our hearts know) is possible – Charles ?

Joe Dispenza – heal nd transform – new consciousness effects matter, transcendent the program

-> awesome!!!

– consciousness rising – collectively – social, global collapse – evolution

Neew believes stems, applications

After breakdown +disorder – > new paradigm – Golden age

Peace, global consciousness – UNITY- ONENESS –

Mindvalley +atomic habits – 1% better a day +personal development – Spotify link

“Every action you take is casting a vote for the type of person you want to be… Starting new habits is tough. Sticking to them is even tougher. But not if you understand the psychology behind habits and how they work. In this episode, Vishen sits with the master of habit formation, James Clear, to share with you how to make habits that stick. Listen out for:  The 5 Steps In Forming Every Single Habit The 4 Laws Of Behavioural Change To Hack Each Step How To Reverse Engineer The Process To Break Bad Habits The 2 Minute Rule To Enable You To Stick To Your New Habits  Like this episode? Leave us a review on  iTunes. Tag us @Mindvalley on Instagram or Twitter  Get your copy of Atomic Habits – Learn how to unlock your most extraordinary self with this FREE Mindvalley Masterclass: