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Attention will lead to life changing Awareness – inner peace

look, listen, observe without judgement and story”

Ever asked yourself:Who am i?

+ who am i not?

You are not your mind, your body, your thoughts, you are the Gouverneur, the awareness and creator behind.
+ can lead to total awareness and life changing results in every pressures moment in life  my dear friends
Real listening and unconditional compassion to ourself and others
Rewards come quickly,
Notice how your emotional responses become more honest, once you becoming the observing, loving awareness.
> Strengthening our attention may feel like a workout first…
But the rewards come quickly!! 

A lot of us mastered the art of sleepwalking through life, automatic programs and conditions.
But what if:
We used our senses and really listened, what nature, people and our inner children say.
Stopping judgementAL Assumptions… listening and emphasising with compassion.

Calming habits and calming the inner chaos… finding peace

Using the tools

Using memory to not make past mistakes

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