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Australia Big News In Recycling – Tyre Recycling brings oil, steel, carbon, hydrogen

“[We’ve proven] renewable diesel can work in Australia’s engines and does have the same efficiency on the road,” he said.”The renewable diesel … has been refined from post-consumer waste, mainly mixed tyre crude oil and refined into 100 per cent drop-in diesel.

“Our laboratory has shown this diesel is indistinguishable from fossil diesel and will give all the performance that you expect from fossil diesel.From <…/diesel-fuel-made-from…/10983930> _________________________________________________ – Government recycling laws have just passed the senate and it is big news for Australian tyre recycling technology.The new recycling laws bring in a waste export ban to Australia.We can no longer ship our plastics, tyres, paper, glass and cardboard to other regions. Our waste is now our responsibility.

GTD-Green destillery Techn.Tyre recycling to get Oil, carbon, steel turning it into recycelt fuel/Diesel!


Eco car Opportunities – Biofuel, hydrogen, Evs and more

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