Arc of real evolution

The Most Life Enriching Adventures with Low budget Travelling in one!

The most life enriching way to travel, grow, learn and live life to the fullest, without big budget in one!

Im Benny, the Bearded Solutionist

Im so thankful and happy, that im not “just” backpacking and working on normal farms,where they pesticide food, planet and people. I just went to an organic farmers market, asked them if they need a helper and motivated, german dude… And my biggest Adventure, called Life started 🙂

Workaway – WWOFING – Volunteering makes it possible.

Today we got the most amazing opportunities, to travel around the wonderful Globe, discovering the most abundand, beautiful, organic Farms, Ecovillages, Retreats etc.

Most of these amazing places offer us, to stay, eat and live with them, just for 4-6 hours helping and learning amazing things with them.

Thats called Volunteering or WWOFING (Working on organic farms worldwide)

Trust me, thats the most amazing and exciting way of travelling!

  • And at the same time super cheap,
  • You connect with the most wonderful locals
  • Learn amazing skills
  • Exchange knowledge
  • Create amazing friendships and
  • Experience the most amazing places and Life
  • In totally new ways

For me its the most life enriching and best way of life and travel i ever lived!

I go where i really want to be, with people who are on the same regenerative wave of positive change.

Loving, growing, adventuring and evolving together on this phenomenal planet and life.

Did you hear about the massive regeneration movements and newest movies?!
Thank you Humanity and people!
The newest, most amazing movies:

More Regenerative inspiration – creating ripple effects of positive, regenerative change

– – “Kiss The Ground” movie on Youtube +Netflix

– 2040 – the regeneration –

– – Network, Solution and Action Platform

About the Video:
Little story, about how we create massive ripple effects of positive change.

Just by talking about exciting and wonderful things.
Movies, regenerative Movements
– sustainable, Regenerative Farming etc…

Today i shared with some farmers and workers, the amazing Movies and Regenerative farming Solutions and they were very much appreciated and excited!

That makes me so happy, because they watch these movies with their farmer friends and see, how they can have:

– better, healthier crops
– covering and nourishing the soil
– regenerating and making more profit at the same Time!