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Aloha Wonder and welcome to a life changing collection of Stunning solutions you never thought of!

Ubuntu – My wellbeing is yours – we are all related!

I will gift you a Introduction to positive, wonderful changes, love, kindness and compassion – a next level humanity! <3

The following solutions, tools and resources are truly blowing my mind and will catapult you from hopelesness to excitement, motivation and happiness! Most people want to be part of this wonderful, global, sustainable movement!! And you can do this easily! I show you where!

I´m so excited, to share with you my researches with the game changing and most practicable core solutions towards a regenerative future for us all!

From a destructive old paradigm – into a new story of Sustainable Evolution and interbeing

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  1. Inspiration

My researches of core solutions, on the journey to hope and a blossoming, regenerative future!

  • Better health, sustainable economies, regenerative agriculture,
  • Mind blowing, sustainable technologies
  • Large scale regeneration – Seedbombing by drone
  • restoring our oceans – reforesting our degraded land
  • urban greening, healthy cities, no more poison and responsive consumption.
  • Discover key Websites, core Solutions, life changing Podcasts
  • Action -Networks for positive change – that will truly blow your mind I think…

Can you see the bright ´nd green, blossoming future ahead? If not yet, the following inspiration is exactly you need <3 Namaste and enjoy this unbelievabel stuff! 

We need to spread this gorgeous knowledge, learn, grow and implement together. Chat About Where to find the solutions and how to apply supportively in our daily life and economy, to create a new story. 

Eco and logicMy mission for our planet – mother earth.

That’s why I´m collecting all of that here because my love and passion is a real positive change for our wonderful Planet … I love and live, To inspire others, to be a beautiful part of the solution, doing what´s good for us and our planet and encourage everyone around. 

I am super excited and passionated about that, are you!? 🙂 Get involved and motivated and tell us what you love in the comments and what I may miss etc. If you also got resources, websites, videos, etc. you want to share, just post it in the comments or email me: Thanks, and stay happy, healthy and wonderful!

With the ability to sustain! <3  

My collection – Overview of amazing resources for positive change

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  • My Overview:
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Websites – Networks – Groups – Solution Libraries

→ List → 1 Positive change – Websites – networks – groups

Website full of amazing videos, Solutions and wonderful inspiration <3 

  1. – most comprehensive solutions – Book “Drawdown”
  2. Vimeo collectionChad Frischmann – Drawdown Solutions
  3. Ted Talk – 100 Solutions to climate change – chad Frischmann 

Groups and Networks for positive change and power of community:

  1. Gen Ecovillage network solution library (FB – Web – YT – VIMEO)
  2. GEN – Online summit – (i collected the most important infos)
  3. Sustainable development Groups (FB)
  4. climate reality – AL GORE
  5. Inconvinient truth –
  6. Extinction rebellion
  7. Fridays for future
  8. Sea sheppert
  • Regeneration – 2040 
  • Collect the collective – ALICE FB GROUP
  • BYRON PERMACULTURE collective 
  • Australian conservation foundation
  • 2030 – changemakers (FB group for change and ideas
  • positive change
  • utopia – (GERMAN – FB – Web)
  • Re-volution – real – regenerative collection – Permaculture news and solutions 

  • Syntropic agroforestry facebook community

Solutions for our burning bed – we got the tools

  • – (GERMAN – FB – Web)
  • Re-volution – real – regenerative collection
  • Now this Future (FB – regeneration) Oceania – regeneration senegal  (5000 hektar, 50 mio mangroves –

Links – Biggest Solution Websites – Drawdown and others:

Related Articles:

restoring our water-starved continent? For more than a decade, two farmers have shown that parched landscapes can be revived:

Movies – Gaia – Docos – Life changing – Eye opening

Movies – docos – Websites – Wake up humanity

Amazing Websites – Information – Wake up – consciousness – awareness 

Stunning solutions you never thought of – truly blowing my mind!

For a real shift – beyond positive change

That´s Real Evolution – Thrive – humanities wellbeing

  • How can we reverse climate change – can we?
  • How to restore and regenerate – And stop damaging!
  • Transforming – deadly to livelydestructive to Regenerative
  • How can change happen – transformation – transition – keys

That´s my mission – to spread endless Hope, inspiration and motivation!

For an unstoppable tsunami of positive change! Because humans are awesome and not everything is fucked – the opposite is the case!

Bearded Inspirit – Your green wingman with the solution for everything!

Uniting and standing up for life, protecting our sacred nature, who gave us everything!

The Individually and our global metamorphosis,

….I love to say 🙂 Sustainable Evolution in a system of caterpillars, leaded by sheeps, who want us being the hamsters to drive their wheels…

I think a must-read, for everyone who wants to get hope, inspire others, support the regeneration of our planet, stop the destruction, acting together for our climate emergency.

This is what motivates me higher than any wonderful rainbow, to stay motivated and hopeful, delighted and enthusiastic!

I am fully faithful and will show you how we win together – That´s meant by Our Collective, Sustainable Evolution, how i like to call it.

Everything we need for a real Evolution – A Sustainable, Global Metamorphosis

  1. Title – target audience – MUST READ
  2. Notes and learning liste – über meine gesprche – people need hope and solutions and they are there!
  3. Gaia – Docos – movies – Life changing – reconnecting eye opening

We are the Re-Generation, not the last Generation!

I believe and have faith! The Generation who knows and the last one who can! And never forget, we are the power behind the driving wheels – positive and sustainable or destructive, its on you and me, to choose the right company. Every single banana, online store, tooth brush, toilet paper, or the bank what invests your money into sustainable projects etc… The list is endless and you will see how amazing and easy it is!

Because the global sustainable evolution, how i call it, starts within our selves. We are the individual drops in this tsunami of positive changes! We know whats wrong, we got the tools and we know now how to apply these incredible solutions!

Endless Win win win win – Solutions for all! → From regenerative agriculture solutions and Urban gardening to daily responsible lifestyle choices and refridgeration systems aswel as liquid metal batteries and solar roofs… Its on you and me, on our daily tiny sustainable actions with huge impact! It´s wonderful to come together for our burning bed – we got the sails to change direction in our hands!

Be the change you want to see – Just Imperfectly Vegan – imperfectly Sustainable, Imperfectly perfect… Be a caring, sharing, Loving Human. The most powerful thing is to inspire others by doing and motivating with wonderful things and actions –> Creating ripple effects and conversations!

Bearded Inspiration – Namaste.

The first steps i took to create the life i want and start getting healthier, more sustainable and mindful:

  • Connecting to other wonderful people and groups, online or offline on a ecovillage, Bar, festival or food market, start the conversation with friends and family and see the wonderful
  • Have a look to the websites, groups, networks and Podcasts i list here, to get inspired and see how amazing humans are! How easy change can be!

See also how easy it can be to be part of the Solution – No more Pollution, no more destruction! We are re-engineering the old systems, by co-creating a new story of sustainable interbeing and harmonic growth together, for all! That´s a real evolution for me, a sustainable evolution…

Everything we need for a real evolution – our Sustainable, Global Evolution