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The Best sprouting seeds and Microgreens – Organic Sprouting Seeds collection

Description from green harvest on how to grow sprouts and microgreens, what the amazing benefits are and how they look.

My favorite sprouts and microgreens (copy from green harvest)

1. Mung beans – organic

– 1kg = 12$ –

– Organic mung beans are one of the healthiest sources of plant protein there is. They are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, high in amino acids, protein, fibre, antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals. Mung beans are easily digested when cooked and sprouted, and are great added to soups, curries, salads, dips and stir-frys. Mung beans need to be soaked prior to cooking.


Rainbow wholefoods – 500g – 12.90$

Medicago sativa
Alfalfa is the most popular sprout with a delicious nutty flavour. It is highly nutritious and rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, E, K, D and especially vitamin A; minerals such as phosphorus, calcium (five times more than milk), magnesium, iron, potassium, sulphur, zinc; and a good quantity of protein (35%) and fibre. Alfalfa sprouts are used to support convalescence, and to prevent anaemia and osteoporosis. Expose the sprouts to full sunlight on the 5th day to make them more nutritious. Try to avoid sprouting alfalfa during very hot weather; a germination temperature between 16 – 25°C works best. 

Lucerne seed with inoculant is also available for green manure and cover crops.
SL212 Sprouting Alfalfa Food Grade 25g $5.95Buy now
SL251 Sprouting Alfalfa Food Grade 250g $12.95Buy now
SL205 Sprouting Alfalfa Food Grade 1kg $38.95Buy now
SL263 Sprouting Alfalfa Food Grade 5kg $155.95Buy now

Broccoli Seed for Sprouting

Brassica oleracea var. italica
This sprout has a distinctive broccoli taste which is quite hot and strong; it is also highly nutritious. The tender leaves are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E; minerals such as potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, sulphur; enzymes, protein (35%) and chlorophyll. It is believed to stimulate the immune system and have a tonic effect. It can be sprouted in a jar or dome sprouter. Try to avoid sprouting broccoli during very hot weather; a germination temperature between 16 – 28°C works best. Broccoli seed is also available for growing.
SB154 Sprouting Broccoli 25g Organic $13.95Buy now
SB155 Sprouting Broccoli 100g Organic $39.95

Brassica oleracea
Meet the colourful, easy to grow brassica sprouts, believed to stimulate the immune system and have a tonic effect. A great combination of taste and nutrition; includes broccoli, kale, red mustard and red cabbage. Also grown as a microgreen.
SB306 Sprouting Mix Broccoli – Friends OG 25g $15.95Buy now
SB307 Sprouting Mix Broccoli – Friends OG 100g $47.95

SC318 Sprouting Chickpea 1kg Organic $22.95Buy now
SC697 Sprouting Chickpea 5kg Organic $85.95Buy nowNo TAS

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