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My favorite Medicinal Mushrooms and Superfoods + Shops In Australia get the best Quality!

Want to be at your peak and super motivated?

List on iHerb- my top superfoods. My Collection of my favourites and Proven Superfoods after Years of research, testing and Getting healthier, happier, More Productive and Younger!

The Secrets to get 180 Years old with Biohacker secrets and superfoods – While having everyday Peak Performance and Motivation! (Cell Rejuvenation, Antioxidants, Supergreens…) Pick your Favorites and Elevate your life, Goals, Performance, Love, Success and Happiness!

Nr 1 Bestseller + Best quality medicinal mushroom mix: MyCommunity is the 17 species Host Defense formula originally created by Paul Stamets – the most comprehensive Host Defense capsule formula for Supporting Natural Immunity

Another superpower mix:

Studies have shown that supplementing with D-Ribose may help to replenish depressed levels of ATP and improve muscle energy recovery.*

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iTested Verified

Aloha wonderfullies! Happy and healthily I’m Presenting you here the most Rejuvenating Superfoods and Life-enhancing Remedies to Elevate your life to the best version and Be at your Peak without getting weak!

Sharing is caring – For Human transformation and a sustainable, harmonic collective Evolution! – Perform at your peak – elevate yourself with mother natures “Brain enhancers, Healing remedies and Medicines”

Enjoy it, share it – And lets evolve together 🙂 – share yours in the comments.

Namaste, Health on! Your Benny


  1. My favorites – List – Best and most Life-changing Favorite Superfoods, Medicinal Mushrooms for Brain enhancing and super performance, as well as Mood and Motivation elevation!
  2. List on iHerb- my top superfoods
  3. The Best Online Health Stores (AUS + International) – Whole – Holistic – Healsome <3
  4. Benefits and my excitement for these awesome superfoods and mother natures medicines!


1. Superfoods for Life and Health Performance and Longevity

  1. Most Popular Lions Mane Mushroom extracts – Liquid and Powdered
  2. Lions Mane – Coffee – Get the Extra Kick, long lasting – Not weak
  3. My SuperNatural – Healsome mixtures – be at your peak without getting weak! Lions mane matcha, cacao, Turmeric, Bioperine, maca, (MyHerbclinic)
  4. My Community Mix – Paul stamets – Fungi perfect

2. The Best Health Online Stores – Best Quality superfoods

  1. Forest superfoods – Organic and super Quality! Lions mane In best Mycelium quality – From Brain function, motivation, mood enhancement, to superfoods like maca and mushroom coffee
  2. I Herb – amazing online store with a Huge variety of different Brands
  3. happy herb shop – Herbs, Plant medicines, Teas, Superfoods – Love and passion for Plant medicines, Natural brain and health enhancers,

Discover The Best Quality and most Popular Superfood and Medicinal Mushrooms, Plants and remedies. I researched and use these awesome Remedies since years, there is a lot of poor quality and lots of Sellers follow the trends without knowing about mycelium etc.

To leave it short, Here Articles with full information, science and benefits.

Benefits and excitement – Superfoods, Medicinal Mushrooms and Herbs – To perform and Heal

The most successfull people and Leaders are coming back to nature – Silicon valley and superstars are Promoting Medicinal Plants, superfoods and even Psylocibin is phenomenally on the rise for Treatment in clinical studies. Were heading into a Healthy – Happy – Harmonic Time!

You could also call it a Holistic, sustainable evolution! – Just The Modern Hippie Style

Benefits of Superfoods, Brain enhancers and Natural Remedies in a quick Overview:

  • Mix it with Coffee, Cacao, Matcha or Maca – Click Here for more Super -Tips and mixtures! (My superfoods and Performance Herbs…)
  • Mood enhancement – Clarity – Goal engagement!
  • getting focused and Motivated!
  • Preventing diseases – Cancer, Altsheimer, dementia, hearts diseases etc.
  • healing quick,
  • Perform at your peak
  • Supernaturally super
  • all the things, that will Help you be at your best and healing people <3

Choose positive change
and choose sustainable products and consumption for our FUTUR
namaste, in Love Benny

I love the power of mother nature – Performing at my Peak without getting weak!
SuperNatural – Healsome – holistic – Whole – Healing

The most amazing and essential superfoods, remedies and Medicinal Mushrooms to perform at our best

  • enhance cognitive abilities, Mood, Motivation
  • overall wellbeing and preventing sick diseases! 🙂

give your brain a boost and discover the secrets of brain Longevity,

  • Free of unwanted health conditions

–> thousands of Proven studies,
And I’m proving it since years by myself!

Im super clear, focused, more creative, happy and motivated to do afterhours what I love, to fulfill my dreams and empower aswell as inspire others with what I love, what helped me evolve and being at my Peak without getting weak my friends!

Lots of love,
namaste – and stay happy, healthy, wonderful and constructive, positively!

Your benny – The Library for positive change, human transformation, Health, and collective Evolution <3

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