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Dr joe dispenza – This Is So Powerful – People become free from drugs and heal themselves | Never Forget These Simple Words


Woooow!!! So wonderful and remarkably eye opening and empowering!!! Lets Share this my friends. Everyone needs to jump on the elevation like that.

Yesssss!!! You dont need a vaxxination!
No sugar pills and drugs!

We know it better now ?☀️ we are the pharmacy and i let my food be the medicine, combined with a healthy, acrive, connected, open and critical lifestyle in alignment with nature.

Use your tools.
You are powerful and awesome
Thank you so much dispenza!!!

We are awakening into a time of grateness, Time where we unfold our own pharmacy and holistic, happy harmony!

Studies proof!
Placebo proofs, you are the placebo, we are thepill.

Yess vaccinations irradiated polio, but they do so much more harm and so many lies around these days.

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