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Bioplastics for Agriculture ~ weed control, fertiliser and Water retention instead of toxic “oil plastic covers”

Another big solution, Bioplastics for toxic, wasteful industries, that our polluting/Filling the land we call our precioushome. … Have you seen the kilometer long, black plastic lanes on farms? I did and its horrifying to see and feel, but this hardship of emotions motivated to search for Bioplastic alternatives for agriculture, farming and food production in general.

The options of biodegradable mulching available on the market are the following:

The options of biodegradable horticulture twine available on the market are the following:

“New, locally sourced types of bioplastics that fully break down into safe by-products can be made”, Sharda said. “These new materials could provide farmers with a green way to control weeds, fertilize crops, protect soil and water resources, and work with nature to better manage their fields”.

Biowrap research for regenerative Ag


Toxic plastic waste

plastic alternatives across industries like agriculture and horticulture. For example, British gardeners go through 500 million plastic plant pots a year that are either incinerated or sent to landfills.

On average they take an estimated 450 years to degrade and in the process may release toxic additives, dyes and microplastics into the environment. To address this, 

Solution to infertility, birth issues, pollution…

While the traditional method of farming brings negative impacts to the environment, adopting bioplastic brings the opposite effects. As shown in the figure below, bioplastics’ natural plant-based material not only benefits agricultural lands, but also improves soil quality by providing nutrients and minerals when composted

Lets connect and co create (benny sauber on fb)

Im searching for partners to inspire farmers and packaging industries for Planet supportive ways of doing symbiotic business. Bioplastic mulch for farms would be the greatest.
Plus the plastic for industries, wrapping, clothing etc. We can and must unite to stop it now thanks wonderful humans and earth heroes! Lets rock bio!


Greener Choices

Science and Environmental Health Network

Union of Concerned Scientists


The Utne Reader

Mother Earth News

European Bioplastics Association

Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA)

Australian Packaging Council

CHOICE (The Australian Consumers’ Association

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