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Book and movement “the dark Emu” about the original, aboriginal “permaculture” country

#dark Emu BOOK with the author of the book, dark emu about indigenous grains, farming, regeneration

True history of australia.

Did you know about the biggest permaculture farms on earth, the grain belt over the whole of australia. The honest and good white colonists, wrote notes of all the real happenings and how beautifully the aboriginals managed the land. They had the biggest sustainable fishtraps on earth, with the right size, to not overfish.

Theres also a movement from Bruce pascoe, supporting the native ways of regenerative farming and ancient grains.

Like millet, pigweed, kangaroo grass and more.

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And even more stunning, they served the colonials with the best and sweetest cakes they ever ate!

Nothing of this wonderful things we discover here, is written in schools history books…

They teach us about hunter gatherer, wild and “uncivilized”… That they, as the so called “civilised” allowed themselves, to kill them and take over their land, kill babies in horrible ways and destroy a whole country and culture… But that’s enough truth for now, let’s discover the good and important things and learnings, that remain.

In the book “dark emu” and this Videos on my playlist.

Enjoy and I highly appreciate related books, videos, resources to that.

(perma–regenerative-Horticulture etc.

– biodynamic – syntropic agroforestry…

Everything to work with and to serve nature and life on this planet ?

Permanent, pesticide free, carbon sequesting perrenials!
(SEE the “Australian grain belt”
The ancient grains (over 30) are not just Good for our health and the environment. They are regenerative, pest-weed resistant, because they’re native aswell!
Discover also The OLDEST, REMAINING village on earth in NSW

-land was wonderful and lush and green everywhere. No overfishing, overfarming, work against nature…
-#kangaroograss and lots of different grains – ancient grain varieties

My question now:

How can we inspire and invite industrial farmers + cattle farms towards regenerative ways of new and ancient thinking, farming and living.

– how easy and profitable it is, plus good for our health, families and no pollution and poisoning to our rivers, our ocean and our health!

Discover together how everyone can be an “inspiriter” – I and you are the individual drops in the vast ocean of positive change, that create tsunamis, to wash away the unsustainable war and kill mentality. For a new age and a holistic, sustainable evolution.

Eco instead of ego – your bearded inspirit – benjo…

Stay positive, constructive, happy and healthy.