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The Super-natural Superfoods List – Elevate your Life Performance and Longevity

Here are the TOP QUALITY Superfoods for your super, but natural supernatural superpowers. You’re right here if you want to enhance your overall performance and quality of life and success! With Natural SUPPLEMENTS, Medicinal Mushrooms and Coffee Alternatives.

Ever heard about Reishi, Lions mane, Cordyceps? Maybe about Brainhacking and Nootropics in the bio hacker scene?

Check The most remarkable and proven adaptogens and natural supplements for optimising Mental Performance to our peak!

The next level for healing, improving and Prevention of diseases and dementia problems. Studies and products about the most amazing brain-enhancing, natural substances and supplements. From lions mane mushroom, coffee with nootropics and neuronal enhancer.

At the end some of the most important essentials, like magnesium, aminos, vitamins… Enjoy wonder, Let super food be thy super medicine <3

Why Mushrooms as a regenerative, sustainable Health and super food:

BENEFITS OF MUSHROOMS – Shop – Best Products – Paul stamets

My Favorite Superfoods for our super-natural performance 🙂

  • Nr. 1 – Best Lions mane Products – Fungi Perfect –
  • My Community Host Defence mix
  • Fungi perfect -WEBSITE – Host defence + EDUCATION – World renown mycologist and expert for mushrooms – Paul Stamets
  • Get the all in one super mix “My community – Host defence”
  • –> Watch the amazing movie – fantastic fungi – it will blow your mind, how amazing our nature communicates and supports each other in the ecosystem through the mycelium network with awesome visualisations.

All in One Online Super Warehouse – Be careful with cheap brands!

  • I Herbs – My List with the most amazing essentials
  • Reishi mushroom – antioxidants, longevity…

Superfoods to mix with Medicinal Mushrooms, Like lions mane:

  • Matcha, maca, mate, Green tea extract
  • Cacao/ coffee – mushroom mixtures
  • Ginseng, Ginko, turmeric, curcumin +pepper
  • Gotu kola, nutmeg, brahmi
  • Herb mix for brainpower
  • Braintea – Brainstorm from Happy Herb Company

Important vitamins for mood, performance, motivation:

  • Vitamin D3+k2, C, B, Magnesium,
  • Essential aminos – l-arginin
  • Hemp protein with all essentials, omegas and full of good fats
  • lysine, cholin, – most amazing coffe neutropic mix – > think smarter, be faster, perform better, longer and more focused! 10% – coupon Ben10

+ st. Johns herbal mixtures

All about mushrooms with four sigmatic

On a Budget – or just want one best option?

– get the lions mane mixture

– my community mixture

– my herbclinic

– lions mane cacao or coffee

Superfood – performance articles

  • Blueberries,

Podcasts about neutropics, natural supplements and enhancing herbs:

Plant-Based Medicine 101: How To Use Wild Plants For Cognitive Enhancement, Physical Performance, Immunity And More! Ben Greenfield Fitness

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