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Breakthrough in Upcycling Old Tires into High Value

Upfront i need to say, NO MORE WASTED TIRES, YEYY!

Turning old Tires into High-Value Oil, steel and raw carbon! Now they’re also turning it into Hydrogen! Get all the info in the short video further down! Enjoy and lets connect for more awesome stuff <3

Did you know, that millions if our old car tires got thrown in the ocean or just sent to africa or china? Ever thought about what happens to the millions of tires, and why we’re not able to recycle them?

(By the way, some Genious People invented already Tires, that could last a life Time, But some Greedy blokes don’t want that yet…)
Like in every big industry, The Greedy slow down Evolution… but hey…

Solving a world wide environmental desaster!

Now the solutions are there and working

Turning car tires, truck, rubber, steel into valuable products.

Humans are solutiomists, innovators and loving beings. There are Endless amazing Solutions! From Hazardous Old Tires, seen as waste into an Emission Free Value, through a Tire Upcycling Innovation! How awesome is that?!

One more solution to one of the biggest Problems of our time!

Write me a message with your most exciting Innovations and game changers you Love. Let’s grow, evolve and Empower Together for an awesome Future Planet. (My Facebook on top – Or my email on the contact form on the right – evolutionaryevolutionary@posteo.de )

The time of Greatness is Now my friends, Enjoy, Namaste, YOU ARE Part Of the Solution with your Daily actions – Support the good, leave the destruction <3

– the Process explained

1. Video – EMISSION FREE RECYCLING of Hazardous Waste material

The Tire Recycling Evolution!

  1. The Video
  2. Summary of the Video
  3. Words, inspiration
  4. More Articles, solutions and Game changing stuff
  5. Projects im working on – You can support us <3

Lets focus solutions and innovative ways to show our buts to the destructive industries, by SUPPORTING SOLUTIONS! <3

2. About the Green destillation Industries – GDT –> from Western NsW, Australia

From wasted, Hazardous materials into High value, Usable OIL, Hydrogen and Steel

–> Emission free – Old Tire upcycling –> into high value oil, carbon, steel

  • In warren, western NSW
  • Expanding – Auto industry invested

The Process simply explained:

  • “destructive destillation –
  1. Loading the whole End of life -Tyres into a sealed process chamber
  • No Chopping or any kind of preparation required! <3
  • 2. Heat applied – separation into different compounts
  • One is the condensation into “manufactured Oil”
  • EMISSION FREE – Using the recyceled oil for heat production

–> Normal GDTC plant Produces 8Million Litres oil Per year

2. Extraction of compounds

–> 3 At the end of the chemical reaction

Carbon and Steel can be extracted

  • Cooled and separated
  • One Cycle 500KG Tires = 55 Minutes
  • Full capacity is capable of processing 19,000 Tonnes Per Year
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Also a great thing to invest in my Money hunting Friends <3

Resources – Links – More awesome stuff! 🙂

More Details about the Company, plans, expantion and Technology etc.

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The biggest present you can do me, Is sharing things like this, Caring for our home ❤ Lets be the change, Its Time For Greatness my Friends!

More links to wonderful movies and Articles with POSITIVE, Constructive Inspiration>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ❤

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How can restoring And Regenerating nature be the Biggest Solution to our Survival?

these short videos are so wonderful, phenomenally inspiring and heart connecting.

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Be the Gift for the world, Friends, Workplace, LIFE ON EARTH

❤ Talking about issues and just doing what you think is good for the planet and people, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE THINKS, The right people will love you and see you.

If you never change to who you wanna be, you will never live the Life with people who are this way.Just changing a bit every day, brings wonder into your life! ❤__________________________________

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