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Join the Positive Change Tsunami – Change Maker Online Communities!

Overview – Contents:

  1. Aloha Introtext – How we create our blossoming, sustainable future, about GEN – The Global Ecovillage Network – online Summit, Communities and individuals with Key -Solutions for our Future
  2. Review – My “Summary” – Discover the worlds top change maker online and learn about the most exciting and comprehensive solutions of our time and networking for our burning home! –> My favorite – speakers – Solutions – Projects Plans to thrive

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  1. Websites – Networks – Positive change resources – –> Game changer – Solution Libraries <3
  2. Groups, communities, Action networks, Petition websites,
  3. Regeneration – Projects, Innovations, Tech,

Aloha wonderful changemakers, we are the Re-Generation!

Can you see the bright, green, flourishing future ahead? No? Then i got exactly what you and most of humanity needs… Game changing Solutions, Networks and Communities for our future! Most people and even politicians dont know anything about all the important solutions we got!

We need to spread, learn and implement. Where to find the solutions and how to apply in our daily life and economy, to create a new story.

I am super Excited and you!? 🙂 Get inspired and tell us what you love in the comments and what i may missed etc. If you also got resources, websites, videos etc. you want to share, just post it in the comments or email me: sauber.benny@gmail.com Thanks, and stay happy, healthy and wonderful!

Jump directly to my favorite and most wonderful Resources for positive change: (Extra Article)

  • Websites, Solution Libraries, Networks, Communities, Groups
  • Most important and stunning solutions – “Project Drawdown” etc.
  • Game Changing Projects, large scale Regeneration and Restoration, Innovations and Technologies

Everything we need for a real evolution – our Sustainable, Global Evolution

I created this collection and the following summaries for all of you, who could not watch or listen to the wonderful online summit, introduced from GEN – the Global Ecovillage Network. But many also want to see these mind blowing and eye opening interviews, resources, websites and networks, to create a blossoming, sustainable and harmonic future <3 Next level “challenge” -solving for our burning planet, by learning about the most important solutions, news and movements for everyone.

(I just like challenges more than problems and i dont want to fight against but be for the positive change!)

It´s really incredible change going on and i think, as much as possible people need to know about. Most important is, to spread the easy and often tiny steps, what need to be done from each individual drop in the tsunami of positive change! You and me.

Get excited and ride with us this Positive Change Tsunami – Discover incredible Change Makers, heart warming stories and just wonderful movements at this Online Meeting! Global Ecovillage Networks – Just Unbelievable solutions for our climate emergency.

The story of love, sustainable harmony and peace for all…

…Where everyone wins and we all evolve and grow together, by using our incredible tools and instruments for a real, sustainable evolution! ???☯️

#GlobalecovillageNetwork #CommunitiesForFuture

#positivechange #climatecrisisSolving #regenerativeFuture

#beTheChange #beSolution


Discover what needs to be done, what you can do and how amazing humans are already regenerating the damage, humanity did… Now its on you and me, to wake up and inspire others into action, with these amazing solutions for everyone, for our planet! Our one and only, phenomenal Planet Earth <3

Invite your friends, family and neighbours to watch that together, start conversations about the positive things and possibilities, to create a new story of interbeingness <3

If you got any Questions, or you can´t afford the price to support GEN and positive change, just text me, i can help you 😉

In bearded love, Benny… Namaste and enjoy this amazing stuff =)

Humanity comes together – Tsunami of Positive Change

You will see Videos from interviews about the most important questions and solutions of our time!

Communities – leaders – edge thinkers and individual drops like you and me, for the tsunami of positive change!

Do you want good, amazing, positive changes happen, instead of catastrophic fires, mass extinctions and non breathable air etc.?! See how can re-engineer the old systems TOGETHER.

By spreading these incredible, human made solutions for the human made destruction we did to our wonderful home, Gaia…

Online Summit Explained:

This Summit is just right for you if….

  • You are seeking inspiration and hope for the future facing today’s climate crisis.
  • You want to join others in right action by creating hubs of consciousness worldwide.
  • You want to reduce your carbon footprint while connecting tihh thought leaders worldwide.
  • You have a busy schedule and limited extra time.
  • You believe in the power of community, but you don’t really know where to start building or you want more tools to connect more deeply.
  • You sense at a deep level that solutions are urgently needed to regenerate our planet.
  • You want to join an established network of living laboratories catalysing multidimensional sustainability today.

Get inspired by other experts as well!

Here’s the full lineup of speakers for the Summit!

There are endless Amazing things going on!! I will Link the most amazing websites, Videos and Solution -Networks at the end.

Three daily interviews for free, available for 36hours.

Ten days of stunning solution -experiences, full of wonderful inspiration with awesome humans for a regenerative future, by co-creating and re-engineering new systems and thinking! <3

You can also buy a full pass, to access all of the interviews and material, links, extras etc. to support this amazing movement for our planet and future summits!

Part of the solution, empowering, imperfectly, sustainably…

If you want to know how YOU can be part of the positive change for our collective, sustainable evolution, instead of a mass destinction or even a second mars… Then you just need to have a look into this amazing event and videos.

I collect here the most important websites, interviews and links! I’m so excited and thankful for all these incredible regenerative movements and wonderful humans! Endless lovely, passionated beings keep taking action and coming together for our planet! Exactly what we need now, to save us all!

The fires in the australia and the world and the enormous heat waves made it hard for me sometimes, to breathe and focus, but i see this as a tipping point and important wake up call!

Melting pole caps and other alerting signs showing us, we have to use our solutions NOW, come together as ONE and part of this wonderful ecosystem… to survive!

2. My Favorite Speakers with a few words and links

GEN Day 1 – Charles Eisenstein and Kosha

First days speaker and incredible thinker,
Amazing Charles Eisenstein!

He is doing a podcast, called “a new and ancient story” – sacred economics and lots of other impressive, amazing work for a new story of interbeing, how he says <3

Here the schedule on FACEBOOK

While young people are taking to the streets, demanding that politicians take urgent action on the climate and ecological crisis, GEN is picking up the baton and inviting all of us to manifest the needed change now in our lives, our communities and municipalities.

The Communities for Future Summit invites you into a larger movement that is catalyzing a regenerative world.

(Txt from GEN) ❤

In sustainable love,

Your bearded Benny with the solutions for positive change and collective thrive!

Come together with others to create chain reactions

Start a local Hub

We want to invite you once again to CREATE A LOCAL HUB for the 2020 edition of our Online Summit: Communities for Future – Our Response to Climate Emergency!

A Local Hub can take many forms – watching together with friends; arranging dinner parties and sharing circles with neighbours; public events in the local community hall; and other forms you might wish to create.

You can shape your Hub into the form that suits you.

Jump to the Articles – My collections for positive change:

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GEN – Global ecovillage network – change maker summit

Websites and Networks for positive change and solutions:

2030 – changemaker community – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1774457822881927/ 

Fantastic fungi – movie with paul stamets.

screenings in australia and soon in cinemas.

For hope and incredible insights to our planets wood wide web – communication,
Healing benefits of mushrooms, the mycelium network under the forests and a lot more amazing stuff about pychedelics for healing depressions, anxiety, stouter and more!

Sustainable developmend goals sdgs

World economic forum:


A sustainable mind – podcast and help network – HOW to START A OWN PODCAST and being more sustainable:



Spirituality – inner peace Y freedoom 

School of grateness

  • Be in control of your mind and connected to yourself and the whole world 

(Thousands people find more peace and purpose, stopping violence and suffering etc)

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