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Charles eisenstein healing inspirations – podcast collection

Transformation of self and society into a story of interbeing. Transitioning into a regenerative ecology, as the old paradigm collases.

Listen to: Yolanda Charles: Trusting Life (E55) von Charles Eisenstein an auf #SoundCloud

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Healing conversations.

Discover the 4 Principles for life, from the “four agreements” – from don miguel ruiz

> fundamentally important guidelines

More Episodes

Maria Scordialos: Reconnecting to the Strength We Have (Introduction)

Nipun Mehta: Changing the Story with Kindness (E01)

Amy Lansky: Synchronicity and the Impossible (E02)

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We are excited that our site now offers full access to Charles’ essays, books, podcasts and videos, as well as courses for in-depth study and access to conversational spaces via Facebook communities! We operate on the foundational belief that everyone’s voice is needed and contributes uniquely to the whole. Whatever your background or perspective, you are welcome here and we ask only that each member take seriously their responsibility to communicate openly and compassionately, especially at times when points of view may differ or disagreements arise.”

Chris Martenson: Deep Wealth and Transformation (E03)

Francis Weller: Of Grief and Reverence (E04)

Julio Olalla: A Story of Gratitude (E05)

Brown Koroskenyi and Pamela Lyness: Healing With Nature (E06)

Rupert Sheldrake: The Crisis of Science (E07)

Seppi’s Place (E08)

Cynthia Jur’s Kiva (E09)

Rex Brangwyn: Building Erotic Intelligence (E10)

Lyla June Johnston (E11)

Carol Bowman: Three Stories (E12)

Eivind Skjellum: Journey through the Archetypes (E13)

Marietta Schürholz: Reinventing Ritual (E14)

The Fertile Ground of Bewilderment (E15)

In Conversation with Rupert Sheldrake (E16)

Kelly Brogan: Restoring Blunted Consciousness (E17)

Orland Bishop: Word, Gift, and Money (E18)

In Conversation with Martin Shaw (E19)

An Evening with Satish Kumar (E20)

A Conversation with Helena Norberg-Hodge (E21)

Joanna Harcourt-Smith (E22)

Gigi Coyle (E23)

Land Healing through Young Farmers (E24)

Eivind Skjellum: Journey to the Inner Throne (E25)

Two Conversations with Orland Bishop: Part 1 (E26) & Part 2 (E27)

Laura Delano: Sanity in an Insane World (E28)

Judith Schwartz: Ecological Healing with Water (030)

Orland Bishop (E31)

Philip Munyasia (E32)

Brock Dolman: Eco-spiritual Connections (E33)

Daniel Schmachtenberger: Self-terminating Civilization (E34)

Brian Swimme: The Cosmos Watching Itself (E35)

Helena Norberg-Hodge: Local is the Future (E36)

Lynne Twist: A Conversation About Living in the Gift (E37)

Cynthia Jurs: On Synchronicity and Sacrifice (E38)

Kelly Brogan: Get Real, Get Well, Get Free (E39)

Robin McKenna: GIFT (E40)

Zack Geist: Dispelling the Mystery of Debt (E41)

Gigi Coyle: What is Mine to Do? (E42)

Julie Esterly: Mystery of Life, Death, and Earth (E43)

Luz Gonçalves Brito: Spirituality is the Search for Connection (E44)

Sayer Ji: Beyond the Coronavirus (E45)

Farmer Rishi: The Gift Circle of Life (E46)

Vivian Dittmar: Befriending Fear (E47)

Alnoor Ladha: Oppression, Interconnection, Healing (E48)

Dr. Zach Bush: Life is a Community (E49)

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan: A Trillion Points of Light (E50)

Mellody Hayes: Roots of Healing (E51)

Fritzi Horstman: Step Inside the Circle (E52)

Galina Angarova: Cultural Survival (E53)

Thomas Hübl: Healing Trauma (E54)

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