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Arc of real evolution

Collective regeneration -Seedbombing Drones For Reforestation


That´s exactly what we need!

Large scale regeneration – technology and human connection! 

In these wonderful – critical times!

  • Using our social and sustainable connections <3<
  •  For our planet – Our burning Bed <3


That´s the first Article of the 

Arc of solutions – evolutionairy library 

The bearded evolution  

A Library of solutions.

For a real, evolution!

Collective & sustainable – ECO no more EGO 



Today about Seed bombing by drone and collective regeneration <3

This is the real collective solution <3

Unity – awakening – love – reconnection

Tree-planting drones firing ‘seed missiles’ into the ground.


I´m Soooo excited guys !!! 

My gift and Passion is ablaze <3 

Simply positive, collective evolution

My gift

Mega solutions – everywhere you goooo you always find solutions


Did you heard about these awesome, oxygen producing, carbon suckers?! 

They are critical in absorbing  the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. 


  • Creating and stabilising the balance of our ecosystem.



  • Taking carbon – storing it in the ground 



  • creating these massive Miracles 
  • Just with sunlight, Water, Nutrients and Carbon Dioxide



These miracles are called


along with the networks of plants – the mushrooms & microbes 

—> they give us FRESH OXYGEN! in return for carbon dioxide 

How amazing is that?! 


Without them, the speed and severity of climate change will continue to escalate. 

It is a climate crisis! a catastrophe! 


Now our extended family, the trees; are being destroyed by fire, due to extensive farming, agricultural clearing – logging for town and city development 

and the effects of global warming and also mining etc. 


But We got the solutions → “industrial-scale reforestation.”

–> The political will is also improving and people are uniting! –  in form of  -> communtities

a network of regenerators – #oneness <3


Large scale reforestation solutions’ endless innovations; 


  • Using advanced Drone technology 
  • designing “smart” local native seedmixes
  • adding beneficial fertilizer/Nutrition/Mycorhisae


(Fungus – Mycelium)


→ Replant large areas of forests with effective micro-organisms and mycelium fortifies the trees connection, nutrient accessability and defences.


Higher success rate than by hand – 6 times faster

but it´s up – scaleable!! 
–> (At the end of this article – other amazing project links. <3 ) <–


 #collectiveSolution #collectiveEvolution

#treeplantingByDrone #regeneration #restoration #reforestation

#regenerationProjects #seedbombing #treeplanting 


How Youtube stars starting a 20,000,000. #teamtrees – project

And that they talked about my ideas for seedbombing with drones etc.

#Teamtrees – amazing 20,000,000. tree project – challenge !! <3 


Video about their Project 

– How it started – what´s the challenge


DEUTSCH  About #Teamtrees –

→ check outt their action – website:  – 1 $ = one tree !! <3 


  • already 16,000,000 trees!!! – <Outstanding! = 4,000,000 trees til goal 
  • Completely fundraised minus 500,000. look at that >Community power

Why you are the collective solution

Because we are the change we want to see in the world 

We are the sustainable -harmonic & healthy collective!!!


We are using these endless Solutions!! 

Now! To thrive! 





Our mission as humanity now:

To  come Together, with all the Solutions and technology we developed 


→ For OUR wonderful home – mother nature gave us everything!


We are Upgrading Humanity to a collective regeneration


Reforestation – scalable.

reversing human made climate change


Other related Videos:



→ Related – articles (at the end):

    • amazing Seed Bombing by Drones – reforestation concepts!! 


  • Great large scale – succeeds <3
  • Myanmars Mangrove rockets by drones
  • dronesforgood – concept –


… and some more 



Also interesting – related:

→ Climate reality


  •  Al gore – a inconvinient truth – Articles



Humanity is waking up – coming together for a amazing, global positive change 


I call it also the “treecollective”


You want to dive deeper into the amazing solutions and innovations?! 

Have a look at:

Part 2  #Together we are the solution <3

Part of the collective solution no more pollution:


We know what´s the problem – we know how to solve it!

Let´s be the collective solution we want to see!

→ Tiny shifts – powerfully impact to your world!



I share everything what helps me – helped me evolve and still blows my mind!


#What else can i do? How to support sustainable change 


Links + info – (more in the articles soon)


  • Powerful Daily Life – Solutions  → Article LINK


  • → My routine and favorite Tools, channels, Apps  – LINK



→ Thats my passion <3 

Innovations – Solutions – regeneration projects with amazing dudes like you <3

→ Super powerful ripple effects and lovely connections:

Using the tools – not being used! 



Links to

amazing Projects & Seedbomb – reforestation:

The Company with the smart-Seedmix – Drones – Concept:


Myanmars – mangrove rockets – by drone

Tree-planting drones are firing ‘seed missiles’ into the ground.

→ In Less than a year later, they’re already 20 inches tall!!

7 years to plant 6 million trees in Myanmar. Now, with the help of the drones, they hope to plant another 4 million before the end of 2019.

Myanmar is a great case study for the project


Drones for good – Big Data And Robotics To Fight Global Warming

designed a special smart seed that came wrapped in a biodegradable coating, helping to deliver just the right amount of protection and nutrition to the young saplings. The overarching goal was to use aerial robotics to considerably lower the time and cost of large scale re-forestation.
About “BioCarbon Engineering (BCE), a U.K.-based start-up, has developed a technique that they say could potentially plant one billion trees per year. The method? Drones.” analytics and planting solutions for large- scale Ecosystem restoration <3 

Dendra Systems – previously called BioCarbon Engineering. 

Dendra is Greek for “Tree”


Open source Drone – seed bombing:


Project possibilities:


  • either hire the company drone seed → 
  • or getting a drone and fund our project

→ showing our plan → seed bomb – mycelium nursery concept 



→ We got the property and the Plan – and the hearts and minds in enthusiastic, wonderful human beings 

for our planet <3 



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