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Composting with permies – Tipps healthy, living soil

How to create or Grow the most abundand soil, life and a rich garden soil full of life. Here are my resources, hacks, methods and resources.

At the end some movies, youtube docos, videos etc.

my youtube playlist – regenerative farming etc.

Regenerative farming

There are many ways, methods and philosophies – just working with nature, in harmony with life, cycles and NO Pesticides etc needed.

One great thing you can do to promote soil life and make your compost go much further is to make compost tea.

Here are a couple threads that dive into this topic.

  • bokashi
  • Terra preta
  • humanure
  • Syntropic agroforestry
  • permaculture
  • bio-dynamic
  • japanese
  • korean natural farming

Adding nitrogen to your soil is best done overtime in a way that builds rich soil that is filled with beneficial soil life. But sometimes your plants need a quick boost to help them get going. Here is a thread that covers 9 ways to add nitrogen to your garden soil. It looks at short term boosts and long term soil building.

And this dailyish wouldn’t be complete with out mentioning Dr. RedHawk’s Epic Soil Series–check it out to learn all about how you can build rich soil that is filled with soil life.

Finally, one of the 9 methods mentioned in the first thread is chop-and-drop. While your doing this, don’t forget to complete your PEP chop-and-drop BB for your gardening sand badge!

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