Arc of real evolution

Cooriejung, lucern, manure and mulch to regenerate and plant abundance

Hey guys, here are some findings and hacks we figured out, for semi arid land.

What trees and manure is best to plant

Why do boxtrees – Eucalypts dry out everything around.

Plants die and grass dries out around their roots. Because they take all themoisture.

when i talked with ashley, we saw, that everywhere where boxtrees and some eucalypts are (here and outside)
There is less or dry grass/manure

Why he says:
the boxtrees and eucalypts are taking lots of water,

Maybe that’s why it is dry, where the trees are at system 1


Solution trees for next systems are

-COORIEJUNGS he says are awesome

Combined with lucern – > water holding manure
Amazing in this land

What do you think guys
+ cooriejungs, lucern, manure, mulch

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