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3 Core Principles I learned from The most successful, sustainable business leaders

I believe and see, thatwe can change theworld with our influence of thepower of our heart, one person one tree, one post at the time.

Find out, How the biggest businesses succeed sustainably, with real value, heart and passion. 3 Core Principles, I learned, for Creating a highly valuable, successful (Email) Business.

You have the power to change the world with what you love, no matter if youre a dishwasher, internship or new in a company. SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE AND SHARE IDEAS. You will have success in what you love!

Awesome book: Love is just damn good business – do what you love

A wonderful podcast episode about being a positive part of change, by doing what we love. Figuring out why we do things we do and getting to know our coworkers. leadership, success for everyone who wants to love what they do.

Mindvalley podcast Spotify

(Join the – One of the greatest online academies, with great courses for Free. I am just learning all i need, for online success, email – marketing and afilliate marketing.

In essence – Getting paid, for sharing what I Love with a real passion

–> from email marketing, to facebook, life coachings, Afilliate marketing and website creation super simple <3

  • Monetizing what i love – by sharing what makes my life and the world Better
  • Empowering, healing, sustainable and regenerative, Exciting stuff.
  • Its not bad to get rewarded, by delivering great value or?
  • Im pretty happy to support people, who do great things and deliver value to me and the planet <3

Number one for success is:

  1. Build an audience – Who is my SauberCrow – My tribe

–> People who love the same things – Sharing caring – Helping them

Example – Tesla and sustainable awesome things, that bring forward humanity together

  • What do i love – what are my values
  • My beliefs – things that excite me

share what helpes and excites me

Number 2 is –> talk to the audience –> TELL thEm things i love

–> Learning and Growing together – sharing whats exciting, helping, empowering

  • Healing – evolution – Regeneration
  • Biggest most awesome positive change and regeneration
  • Ubuntu — My wellbeing is yours
  • Email!!!! <3
  • Youtube, other channels

Sharing – Communicating – Growing together

  • Sharing my story, learnings – COMMUNICATION is Key
  • SHOUT OUT LOUD – Love out lout
  • –>

Where –> Link to my email newslettter

  • Telegram groups
  • Brighteon – alternative groups
  • – etc. –> where do you love to watch things?
  • Email List —> Send out value, Like for friends
  • SMS LIST –> Deliver the greatest news, Promotions etc.

Sharing like with best friends! <3

These awesome things i love and that helped me

3. Monetizing My passion = RECOMMEND THINGS I LIKE

Monetizing and sharing WHAT MAKES MY LIFE BETTER <3

  • Sharing
  • Sharing the Greatest things

–> Email Marketing is Building a audience with Love and passion, Dont do it just for the money!

Share whats really exciting and helping you and the Planet! Thats real value and people love it.

People are awesome, you are awesome… Lets be great and evolving together <3

Namaste, Lots of love, health and energy to you!

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