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Building a better World – Podcasts, book, inspiration

Ambers of hope and how we build a better world. We can solve all the problems with regenerative systems and lifestyle. Building = co creating a better world.

At the end some more resources, books, podcasts.

Permaculture = a regenerative design system. With principles for a more symbiotic relationship with and for nature – our nature.

Dive into the wonderful solutions we all can do.

Amazing podcast and book with amazing resources on:

How can we implement solutions…
Tangible, hands on solutionary innovations.

Regnerative abundance.

Rudolf steiners Bio-Dynamic philosophy – Waldorf education

We dont actually need to sacrifice.

Only switching
Embracing Hope | Bonita Ford The Permaculture Podcast

The free audiobook and links to more amazing podcasts HERE

ageofunion– FREE AUDIOBOOK

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