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Free Books and amazing Podcasts for more Positive Change – Empowering Hope

These people are truly enriching my life! Thank you! I collect here my recent, exciting free books and simple tips for positive changes in our lifes.

Permaculture is a regenerative design system for ecological and sustainable living. Integrating plants, animals, Eco-buildings, people and community.

Living permaculture not just gardening – its community design and lifestyle

Learning permaculture design with geoff lawton – really awesome, FREE VIDEOS www.discoverpermaculturethe-permaculture-circle/categories/185643/posts/559378

I found it really inspiring and uplifting. Get hope, motivation, and see, how we  Create a better World – Spread the Hope not Fiever 🙂

building a betterworld – FREE AUDIO book –

Ambers of hope book
Embracing Hope | Bonita Ford The Permaculture Podcast

that stuff can change your life instantly. like dax da silva, the author of “the age of union” or podcasts and charles eisenstein.

Just pick your most uplifting and attractive one

Its the time for greatness and the age of union!

Age of union – dax da silva

Download the free Age of Union: Igniting the Changemaker eBook

Now, easy at 

+ or listen to the free Audiobook on your favorite streaming platform:

From the permaculture_podcast:

Charles eisenstein – A more beautiful world – our hearts know is possible

+ Sacred economics

Global Ecovillage Network and Regenerative Movement

– find education, empowerment, online courses

+ solutionary innovations and more

Bio Dynamic Agriculture – Rudolph Steiner

Here a short, but amazingly comprehensive list to become more positive action.

Action begins with positive and progressive thought.” — Dax Dasilva

🌎 1- Make a list of positive actions
2- 🌎 Act at the level of your capacities
3- 🌎 Do not be scared of failing
4- 🌏 For each challenge, a solution
5- 🌍 One step at a time


New year, new you; right now is the ideal moment to start fresh. You wish to improve, move forward, and in order to do that, it is important to adopt a fresh mindset, because this is the type of fruitful environment where all action germinates. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to help you jumpstart this process and open your mind to new possibilities. Make these suggestions your own, rearrange and alter as needed, and find what works best for you!

9. Living Permaculture

About –  Living Permaculture airs on KDNK on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Frequency 4 episodes / quarter Podcast

Amazing podcast Collection of mine

sustainable-inspiration. my best-permaculture-podcasts


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