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Life visioning in 7 minutes – Tools to create Our life Vision with the most important questions we all should ask ourselves

This simple 7 minute exercise brings everything magically into my Life!

Life envisioning with the three most important questions, that get me always clear on my goals and passions!

Aloha wonder, Here i list, whith The most important Tools and resources to find purpose and create a Life vision. Thousands and millions of others empower positive changes with that, have a go, and share your vision, to grow together.

Asking our self The Most important questions and Our big why in Life. Do this to start getting clear on what you really want in life! Namaste, Life changing and transforming stuff on!

Bucketlist – Life goals, Goalsetting – Purpose… Just call it The most important questions in Life, Because it is. And if you figure that ou, Alchemy starts and life happens for you, Trust me, have faith and start now just with little things <3 Your Benny

Jon and missy butcher from the extraordinary Life Book – now available at mindvalley –> This is truly life changing!! <3

Finding our life purpose – Awesome inspiration <3

Mindvalley Resource Pages:

Books and Book – resource pages:

  • –> collections of the mos awesome resources
  • Redefine yourself
  • The Why cafe – john strelecky
  • Big 5 for life
  • The alchemist

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