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Creating real value and change – recieving abundance with heart and passion

It’s this understanding that has the power to change the world…

Ask yourself the BIG question…

What is the BIG problem you are passionate about solving? 

If nothing immediately comes to mind, dig back in to your life experience. What hard life experiences have you overcome? What do people come to you for advice for? These are all big problems you can solve. 

You can also look to your personal passions & hobbies for inspirations — those things that are always calling to your heart. 

If you could have any job… that paid you well… AND was aligned with your highest spiritual calling, what would it be? Get detailed. What would your days feel like? What would you do? How much would you be paid? 

Then, ask yourself… 

If your abundant paychecks were coming in exchange for following your bliss and solving problems you were personally passionate about…

How would it change your feelings towards giving and making money?

Observe & auto-write until you feel complete.

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