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Buy Delicious Regenerative Avocados Online, to help Regeneration and the Dedicated Toohey Family

These are the Awesome Organic avocados. Phenomenally Good for you and supporting a Blossoming, greener future for us all.

Not just organic, But Regenerative growing in Syntropic food forests

> Regenerative food forests are without chemicals or any nasty stuff, that’s bad for us or our Planet!

> they grow in syntropy – Harmonic abundance and vibrant soils, life accumulating.

Means, they growing within a abundance of plants, trees, bananas etc.

What is syntropic agroforestry and why is it the most regenerative way of farming?

Diversity = resilience – Better – healthier more productive 🙂

Check the 2e website

Check the family farm and people behind the regenerative mission for healthy food and organic food forests. (syntropic agroforestry)

More details about farm, forests, family…

The beautiful organic food forests of the Toohey farm in North Queensland have the most awesome Regenerative-organic avocados
(hass =main crop)

Food forestry – geoff lawton

Growing in healthy,
syntropic food forests, supporting more food forests and regenerative+ biodynamic practices.

A wonderful passionate family, up in ravenshoe, FarNthQld.

Also selling

Incredible pumpkins($1/kg)
+ bananas (5$/kg)
(not a lot, but the best sugars, lady fingers…

> Hass Avos starting next week 30th may, and we need help to find markets/retailers/customers.

Spreading the word and educating people. For the no1. Solution to climate regeneration and positive change

We will start picking after next week.

Having 120 tons in total I guess.

We can ship it with australia post as well…NSW,VIC,QLD &NT

All the best and thanks so much for all you do

Warmest, your green thumb, Benny

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