Arc of real evolution

From Desert to oasis – greening and regeneration projects –

See what amazing solutions and innovations humanity already uses, to return deserts and dead land into fruit and oasis. New and ancient technologies turned into innovations and permanent paradises.

I wanna share everything that gives me endless optimism and hope for humanity and this wonderful planet earth – our miraculous home x3

One of the most stunning solutions and movements are these Phenomenal regeneration projects and desert greening solutions.

Here a few amazing videos to desertgreening and regeneration projects – see what’s already possible and get blown into faith!

That’s what I really love endlessly and what makes me shine. I want to do exactly that in the soonish future, combining innovations, nature’s ways and tech with human solutionairy minds and love for life and thrive. I want nothing more, than to raise and start a regeneration-innovation healing community, where wonderful people come together for our future and solutions.

Here are some more amazing examples, to see, that we already have the solutions everywhere, we just need to realise, spread and fund them, also that is already happening in huge amounts!

Check this amazing desert greening project out, it’s similar, to what I have in mind for Australia and other desertificated areas.

My idea, and concept, for a regeneration and healing perma-circle:

The Ubuntu – regeneration and innovation – collective healing center

I will soon put my concept on my website here and will start an Crowdfunding campaign.

The rough Plan is,

to set up An self sustaining irigation circle with an solar powered humidifier, Algae and Biochar mycelium compost – powered soil, that empower the beneficial seedbombs for that specific area and start life and regeneration.

native, restorative seed mix with flowers, shrubs and plants, that bring back Insects, bugs, bees, birds etc. While they also nourish the soil and wildlife ecosystem.

– if we get more funding and subscriber, I will plant some trees and veggies,

– build a nursery and start an community, where investors and subscriber can follow live online or/and visit the whole wonderful process and building of an oasis for regeneration ???

The amazing Sahara Forest Project is not too good to be true. It is an in-nature integrated system designed to harvest technological, natural synergies while minimizing waste. The design is founded on the premise that we must find a more holistic approach to successfully tackle challenges related to energy, food, and water security..

In addition to mitigating effects of climate change and contributing to conflict reduction in resource-scarce areas, the SFP facilities will provide employment for both high- and low-skilled workers. Programs and facilities for knowledge transfer and training will be established to ensure that long-term social and economic development opportunities are created.

Phone: +47 960 48 828
Mail: P.O. Box 2141 – Grunerlokka 0505 OSLO

Visiting address:
Vulkan 11, 0178 Oslo,


“In the same way that the extractive use of resources has contributed to the loss of natural vegetation, The Sahara Forest Project proposes to use restorative practices to establish vegetation in arid areas and reverse the trend of desertification. This process of restorative growth will be catalyzed by combining already existing and proven environmental technologies, such as the evaporation of saltwater to create cooling and distilled fresh water (i.e. in a saltwater cooled greenhouse) and solar thermal energy technologies. The technological combination in The Sahara Forest Project is designed to utilize what we have enough of to produce what we need more of, using deserts, saltwater and CO2 to produce food, freshwater and energy.”

Benefits and vision: