Arc of real evolution

Sharing what I love to support companies that help humanity to evolve sustainably – “online-afilliate marketing” for our planets thrive

I asked myself always, how can I earn money, with the things I really love?

That’s the only way to real success and happiness, freedom and inner peace. Then I don’t need a break or time off, because I love what I do and it’s my passion, to share these amazing things, products and sustainable, positive companies.

I love the opportunities we have today, to share what we love and getting rewarded for it. Its like if you Send people to a health store and get rewarded for it.

– aswell things that help me evolve, develop my identity, habits, consciousness and a healthy, pro-Planet life. I really love to share… As you can tell 🙂

Aloha wonderful friends, positive change makers and human beings,

we can earn money, by doing and sharing what we really love, how amazing is that.

I just want to talk about why I am sharing afilliate links, and how amazing these opportunities are!

As you know me maybe a bit know from my website, I love to share what helps me and others, because I think that’s the most powerful way of transformation and evolution – through creating ripple effects of positive inspiration and sustainable change.

Most important message here I think:

That I ONLY will SHARE AND Reckommend – (called Afilliate, when we get payed for recommending products for any company) – what I really love and use, want or tested for my self. Everything that helps or inspires me and supports the health and evolution of this wonderful planet and humanity.
I don’t want to work anymore for a company or support people, that doesn’t serve life on planet, my ethical and sustainable understanding (so far) or my philosophy and ethical reasons in life…

I support everything and one, who serves a sustainable, regenerative or positive purpose and life on earth.
(if I am ever wrong, and that happens sometimes, I highly appreciate your help and correct information, as bettering for the future. just together with everyone’s tiny doings, we all evolve and thrive)

That’s it for now, short and simple. If you want to know more about online marketing, afilliate marketing etc. With what we choose the products and companies we like to support and market for. And then we simply act like a product marketer, but independent, free of products, place, time and money. Just do what you love and money comes as a result of the value we have for others and the planet x3

All the best, stay positive, constructive, healthy and happy… Warmest,

The bearded inspirit, Benny