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Dr. Joe Dispenza with The “Real Magical Pill” – Formula To Heal Yourself Fast. Guaranteed Results

Aloha, green thumb here with a the one and only “real Magic Healing Pill” – Formula. Did you hear about “pavlows dogs”? The experiment, where they condition dogs, to produce siliver when a bell rings, because thats the sound, when they always got food. So they conditioned their bodies, to produce biochemical processes, by associating the bell with food.

Its all proven thousand times, that just by believing and thinking about healing, good food or an outcome that we expect, WE make our body produce chemicals, hormones, and all other biochemical and electroMagnetic stuff.

Just watch this short video with dr joe dispenza, i watched dozens and listened to his books until i really understood and felt it deeply.

We are the placebos – able to heal ourselves with the given tools – mind – conscious awareness – Emotions

The real placebo “magic pill” and how it heals from everything. Proven by science and thousands of studies.

1. Conditioning – believe
(pavlows dog- stimulus – response + biochemical processes)

Combination of a clear intention and a elevated emotion

= changing brain and body with our conscious mind

What would it be like if you..

What if you live all the experiences you love?!

Choices, experiences,

Joy, love, bliss, happiness.

And what do i want to change?

Separating the old from the new self – becoming the consciousness observing and letting go of the old self.

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