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Earth Lover Websites, Networks and Regenerative Empowerment

We are regeneration, envisioning a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing pathways to a regenerative future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity.

1. Last words of a earthlover

2. Websites, networks, movements – that regenerate and empower, heal and inspire

I deeply love sharing these great, global movements and networks for hope, healing and regenerative connections, because the earths suffering is my suffering… Mother natures healing is our healing…

Why is all that so important to me? Here you get a glimpse of how it started with awareness, travel and why i feel and connect to earths suffering…

That is so heart melting… i cried and still deeply feel it… When i travelled rainforests and saw devastation… Corals dying and forests burning..
that’s exactly what woke me up, the real, deep connection, to mother natures suffering in all aspects and signs, she gives us…

Can you, did you feel it?! It is so wonderful and important.
Feel the earth, we are one with her. All life and creation.
If we dont listen to her cry,
we will also die…

Share if you care for our earth, our all mother 💚🌎

More films and resources here:

Resource collections – Websites for regenerative, sustainable action!

Discover Websites, core Solutions, life changing Podcasts…
Action -Networks for positive change – that will truly blow your mind I think…

  1. Ecosia – Search engine that plants trees and ecosystems and educates farmers and People around the world (africa, south-America…)
  2. Check out Project Drawdown and their book, Drawdown, released just this year and outlining the 100 most substantive existing solutions to address climate change.
  3. Kiss the Ground – Movie and Movement – free on netflix and youtube
  4. 2040 the regeneration – Whats your 2040?

Websites and Networks for positive change and regenerative Education

  1. Hope – What you eat matters
  2. What the health

We have no time to waste. Thankfully, a number of excellent initiatives and non-profit organizations are hard at work advocating for soil restoration as a climate solution — whether through policy, research, farmer education, or funding.


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