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It’s Healthy to Eat Coffee Beans? All You Need to Know collection

Quick sharing here my coffee hack and if its safe and healthy to eat Coffee beans, organic for sure and washed they have to be, joda says.

The mildew and acid needs to be washed off, thats why single origin and organic is so important.

The raw, Green superNatural power of green coffee beans.

Did you know, You can eat and use green coffee beans for the super duper kick, with heaps antioxidants and no roasting?

Super strong, raw, organic antioxidant and Caffeine (Coffein) kick, TAKE CARDAMOM WITH IT TO NOT HAVE THE HARD LOW.

My tip, for a peak with coffee or caffein without a weak:

Adding Cardamom, and you will have a steady, long High, but no ugly down and weak energy low after.

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