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Eco Packaging Innovations – sustainable consumption

Hey there! Im Benny, love to inspire you with the newest Solutions, positive news and greatest game changing projects in the world.

Who wants to pollute planet and people with plastic, when we got the most amazing, Bio-degradeable + compostable Solutions everywhere?!

Being Solution is easy, Fulfilling and connecting to amazing people!

I dont want to buy from places, that have plastic, but what if my favorite smoothie gets served in a plastic cup?

I take action and help them:

1. To become the solution – no more pollution for thousands of years

2. Push their image + bring more customers

3. Healthy, happy people and guilt free snacking and treating you well without plastic.

Lets spread these amazing eco packaging to everywhere we go.

Easy and friendly reminder…

Im talking to the cafes, tell em benefits, get nice conversations…


thai restaurants, and all places with packaging.

Here are the companies and solutions:

10 Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas – Sufio

  • Vegware: Eco Friendly Packaging & Catering Disposables
  • BioPak | Eco-Friendly Takeaway Containers

More amazing plastic free solutions

Eco friendly postage – packaging

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