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Conventional versus Ecological Farming | A son teaches his father
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  1. Indias water revolution – biggest permaculture project
  2. Podcast – “a sustainable mind” – how small businesses change to pro planet – sustainable business and innovative, eco strategies + lifestyle (Spotify link)

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Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees:

Can farming make space for nature? Farmer Miguel Ángel thinks it can. For his father, Miguel, this means he now needs to learn how to apply practices of ecological agriculture and unlearn the methods he has otherwise been applying for decades.

Miguel Ángel learned everything about agriculture from his father, but at university he studied agronomy and there he learned how farming contributes to global warming.

Wanting to convince his father of the benefits of switching away from traditional farming practices, Miguel Ángel began using ecological practices on a small patch of their land. When Miguel saw that their almond trees became healthier as a result, he was convinced.

But switching to ecological agriculture practices was not easy for Miguel. Not only did he have to invest money into new technology; without the help of pesticides, keeping his crops alive took intensive labour and dedication.

The food industry today is responsible for about 20% of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. But farming doesn’t have to harm the environment and that’s what Miguel Ángel is set out to prove.

Together with other farmers in the region, he has co-founded Alvelal, a farmers’ cooperative and Ecosia’s tree-planting partner in Spain.

Produced by Fátima González-Torres (IG: @fatilugonzalevic)
Editing & post-production by Pako Quijada (IG: @pakoquijada)
Writing by Fátima González-Torres
Cinematography by Shane Thomas McMillan (IG: @dokumentarian)

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