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El Arish Ecotopia ~ intro Benjy Sacred Earth

this is a intro to the amazing Regenerators Hub we will create in el arish, near mission beach. qld.

Our exciting Visions unite in a regenerative Solution ~ hub to empower and educate with actionable, diverse, new and ancient innovations to heal our sacred Earth, protect Life, regenerate and re~Unite us.

Intro video 1 Benjy green thumb ~ El Arish Ecotopia and sacred earth

El arish Ecotopia is a hopeful and empowering antidote to the environmental concerns of today.

~》 Inspiring solutions


~~》 industrial chemical land use

~》 deGenerative lifestyle

~》 pollution and industries

Through the sacred earth foundation

~~》we’re offering a visionary blueprint for the survival of our planet . . . 

Into a thriving future.

~》 A unity of dedicated regenerators and earth guardians.

Co Creating el arish eco Resort as one of the many following earth regen centres and empowerment hubs.

~~》 connecting ~ educating ~ empowering ~ regenerating 


~》 set in an ecologically syntropic approach for all life and society

Governt by natural laws 

~~》 running on circular, symbiotic and diverse systems.

Syntropy is the synergistic evolution towards abundance.

~~》 through the accumulation of consolidated life.

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