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Emf – 5g -Solutions and this amazing health movement – solutions for humanity

Wooow, that’s so amazing! Check this live-video and websites out!! (At the end – all the links and amazing experts, websites…)

5G Summit 2020: Expert Panel Livestream JOIN THE DISCUSSION & SUMMIT:

The most amazing proven effective strategies ALREADY IN ACTION and WORKING.…

I think that’s exactly what we need right now, solutions and clarity, paired with hope and inspiration for hands on – Together!

That’s all happening, because people are waking up, caring for their health and planet. Then they talk about, come together and create solutions for life on earth ?

Pictures from all the content, links, experts and topics aswell as solutions on THIS FACEBOOK POST . (Laptop broken, can’t upload pictures)

proven effective strategies, lawyers, experts and concerned people take down 5g-wireless towers and technologies, because there is huge evidence for harm, none for the safety! How? See here:

See in that video, (live talk recorded) everything we need to know about the health risks of EMF, 5g wireless technologies and more. Amazing people and scientists showing already working solutions and evidence that leave no questions open. A moving call to action for global health, that makes me happy and faithfully!

– the most amazing website and stunning talks/online summit.

Get excited and fill yourself up with regenerative, sustainable health and faith for our planet.


Solutions for humanity and our Collective, sustainable evolution

Exactly what we need, I love it and I’m excited to share one of the most amazing movements and websites with solutions for humanity – you, me and all life on earth! 

Check these websites out and enjoy the wonders of humanity

Humans are awesome, you(we) are awesome and we are changing the old story into a abundant one for everyone and every thing on this planet!

Join the global movement???☯️?☀️?️


Healthmeans (sayer ji – founder of the 5g summit and this amazing alternative health platform)

Josh del Sol4030

This critical livestream panel will bring the 5G discussion completely up-to-date, building off of the foundation established by the expert talks from the 5G Summit. Special attention will be given to proven-effective strategies.