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Game-changing movies and Movements to empower hope and inspire positive change with real solutions!

I love these Heart warming and eye opening Movies, Movements and Networks! With the worlds most wonderful people. Thats so wonderful and I’m so excited to share this life-enriching, Important stuff. Share and spread these amazing movies and global movements to be part of the drops in the waves of change in the world. Such wonderful people and movements are going on, I’m so happy about that time we live in!! and Gaia Education empowering regenerative for the Planet <3 + Gaia educations

Aloha and welcome, to discover this amazing and Wonderfully inspiring movie collection about hope and mind blowing solutions for our industrial, destructive agriculture age. I am happy to live in these wonderful and critical times of big changes and awakening. It’s on you and me my wonderful friends and beings.

These movies will warm your heart, fill you with hope, and inspire you to take action. They can also make you cry, like chasing coral” and our planet made me cry…

They connected me deeply emotional to our- humanities challenges and show us solutions that make your heart and soul shine.

The Global Network of regeneratlings

Global Ecovillage Network – Network of Ecovillages, Regenerative education, Solution Libraries and Empowering Online Summits

My Youtube Playlist with – Most life changing, wonderful and eye opening movies and docos

Eye opening Movies -List on Browser

  1. The need to Grow The Need to grow – Trailer
  2. 2040 – The Regeneration Movie Trailer
  3. KisstheGround – Most recent Movie and Movement – about the transition to regenerative Agriculture as the biggest and most essential Solution for Climate Regeneration – Education and Network –> Mission and vision Kiss the Ground
  4. Live on our Planet – David attenborough
  5. Our planet Most heartwarming and empowering Short movies and series! –> Lots of videos about different topics
  6. –> VISIT:
  7. Earthlings
  8. VEGAN
  10. Sugar film
  11. what the health
  12. Ecovillage – Gaia Education – Global regenerative Networks for positive change
  13. Inhabit – a permaculture pier
  14. Game changers – 2019 – life changing – plant based is real health and power, longevity, healing
  15. Living soil – Movie
  16. Syntropy in life – Youtube – syntropic agroforestry – companion planting…
  17. Hope – what you eat matters
  18. Food Inc.
  19. What the health + cowspiracy
  20. Food matters
  21. Tomorrow – (solutions) die Welt ist voller Lösungen

Most amazing and recent, The Need to grow – Trailer – a movie about solutions and necessities. The regeneration of 400 years, able to do now in a matter of hours – regenerative large scale agriculture solutions! With a combination of Algae-Biochar electrolyze in a heater, that not just produces electricity as a byproduct, but regenerates the soil and helps growth exponentially…

Can we feed our growing population?

Watch the movie “the need to grow” right now for free at

Focusing the many solutions we got already available!

I think yes, we can feed all peoples needs, but not some people’s greed and unwilling for change.

2. My youtube Playlist – Most life changing, wonderful and eye opening movies and docos

that also woke me up and showed me the truth and deep connections between our daily actions…

  • How we support good or “Evil” with our consumption

But most important, how i can be the solution and part of the movement for a harmonic, sustainable, flourishing future planet – Our Home and mother

  • all the wonderful solutions, innovations and wonderful humans and projects

Gaia education to gain knowledge and experience in the process of regeneration and ecosystem restoration

3 – gaia education – regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration and so much more game changing courses and summits.

From a devastating, industrial destruction to a story of a regenerative, sustainable Evolution and the holistic interbeing of all life ? – Regenerative ECOVILLAGEs for our future

We are the regeneration my wonderful friends and beings.

From ego to eco + from death and fighting mentality to life and interconnectedness.

I’m super excited, to share with you these awesome and game changing movies for global, positive change. the unstoppable sustainable evolution!

The Collection of Networks For Hope and Regeneration

–> of the most wonderful and Uplifting Networks, empowerment Platforms and Movements:

We are the change – The greatest Movements for Regenerative and uplifting empowerment – Enjoy wonder

Join the Global Movement – 19TH NOVEMBER – ONLINE GATHERING FOR REGENERATIVE EXCITEMENT AND ACTION! Pachamama alliance with jane godall and amazing others!

  • Regeneration Movement and Network alliance for Action – Amazonas Protection and Education for Positive change Empowerment <3

Kiss the ground Action – FREE RESOURCES

From gardening and composting tips to free soil health education for your little ones, we create resources to support you with optimistic solutions for planetary/individual health, collective healing, and science-backed hope. FREE RESOURCES – Regenerative Action – Soil Advocate – Spread solutions


still an inconvenient truth – that change the game you see the worlds – Action – regeneration – Positive change

  • Carbon8 – Regenerative farming Education – regeneration IN PARTNERSHIP WITH2040 FILM – A whole holistic demonstration how Farmers can apply holisitc, regenerative agriculture for more yield, more Profit more health of people and the Land – Our Life on Planet <3 –>

Cool Australia has partnered with 2040 to develop a set of 31 lessons to guide teachers and students through this innovative Australian documentary from Director Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film).

The film 2040 covers topics such as:

Advocate & Contribute

2040 is sparking a global movement called THE REGENERATION asking students to make plans to take action. The Regeneration is encouraging learning, discovery, analysis and action. Cool Australia is proud to be the exclusive education partner of the film and bring a series of lessons for your classroom.

☯️☀️”The need to grow” is the most recent movie about solutions, that change everything! It is a limited time free to watch for… It’s really Incredibly eye opening with the most amazing solutions for our times of big change.

From extinctive, industrial agriculture to a holistic, permanent regenerative farming and being as a whole ecosystem. Our ancient ancestors knew the most of these farming methods, like Terra preta, biochar, regenerative, organic farming.

For a new age – a regenerative story!

This article is about the amazing, hope spreading movie “the need to grow” and a list of other inspiring movies, documentaries

Movies that inspire hope and show us the new story, the age of regeneration and interbeing of a awakening species

Yepp, in want of the big change to a real sustainable, poison free, pro Planetish food chain 🙂

Marine permaculture for example can be regenerative by delivering also shellfish, oysters Kelp Algaes etc.

(my Facebook article with inspiring Screenshots and pictures to the movie – I can’t upload anything here right now)

I think it is mostly about suffering and poisoning of life and planet and the most logical and working way is vegan/veggie / mindful sustainable and fair as possible.

And in that way we support more and more the sustainable, organic movement for our mother nature ☀️


2. Ecovillages – regenerative movements and communities, that inspire and support a blossoming future.

Permanent, regenerative solutions that everyone needs to see! It will blow your mind and leave your heart shining in faith and motivation, if you love our planet and life!

Game changing Solutions for humanity, that change everything

First and foremost about the awesome movie “The Need to GROW” is a story about real-world SOLUTIONS.

?Watch the film right now for free at

From world famous filmmakers from marvels the avengers…

#permaculture #regenerativeAgriculture #organicMovement #OrganicFood

Accelerating the soil regeneration from 400 years to months!

Incredible changes are happening, my wonderful friends

1. Industrial agriculture is turning our farmland into dead soil at an alarming rate. The Need To GROW is a film about SOLUTIONS for healing our broken food system.

The UN estimates we have fewer than 60 years of farmable soil left on Earth.

And many people are concerned that governments and “Big Ag” want to control what we eat.

It’s as if our human right to eat safe food is under attack by industrial agriculture, pesticide and GMO manufacturers.

“Agriculture is the most destructive human activity on the planet.”

  • Rosario Dawson (From “The Need To GROW” movie)

“Industrial agriculture is first and foremost a war against the earth because it’s a war against all species. Since you’re bringing war chemicals into the production of food and all they’re doing is killing.”

  • Vandana Shiva, PhD

Something must be done.

Which is why we spent the last 5 years making our film “The Need To GROW.”

?Watch the movie for free at

Executive produced and Narrated by Rosario Dawson (Marvel’s The Defenders, The Lego Batman Movie)…

The Need To GROW follows three renegade leaders as they fight to heal our broken food system and protect new technology that holds the key to feeding the planet and reversing the damage caused by industrial agriculture.

✳️ An urban farmer struggles to keep his land after he pioneers a way to grow organic, nutrient-dense produce at warp speed ANYWHERE

(Imagine paved parking lots sprouting acres of huge, healthy, micronutrient-rich, organic veggies)

✳️ An 8-year-old girl scout challenges the ethics of a beloved organization in her quest to raise awareness and make healthy food available to everyone.

✳️ And a visionary inventor builds a machine that takes waste and turns it into a natural substance that can reclaim and regenerate dead soil. (Doing in days what takes nature 400 years!)

Watch the full movie for free:

It’s easy to feel like the problems we face on the planet are too big.

That there’s nothing we can do.

That it’s too late.

It’s not. We just need hope.


This film provides that hope.

You’ll see real solutions to some of our biggest environmental challenges.

The movie is engaging, informative and hopeful without being preachy.

It will make you laugh, make you cry, give you chills, and inspire you to participate in the restoration of the Earth.

And for a limited time, you can watch the entire film absolutely free:

If you’re interested in a healthy future for our planet, please watch the film right away.

The disruptive new technology featured in the film puts the power to grow unlimited healthy food in the hands of the people.

And these breakthroughs threaten the status quo of the energy, agriculture and fertilizer multinationals who want to control what we eat.

Many deep-rooted corporate interest groups desperately want this technology to quietly disappear.

We can’t let that happen. We WON’T let it happen.

The more people aware of these solutions, the better our chances of passing on a thriving, healthy planet to our children and grandchildren.

Watch the movie, learn about the solutions, spread the word and join us in making a difference: and gaia education for regenerative skills and ecosystem restoration

GEN Europe and The Great Relations Films have announced the launch of their documentary that takes us on a journey around the mandala of regeneration: how ecovillages relate to the social, economic, ecological and cultural dimensions of sustainability. Featuring communities including Tamera (Portugal), Sunseed (Spain) and Solheimar (Iceland) and interviews with key members of the ecovillage movement, it offers pathways towards a new way of seeing the world, and a new way of living together. The full documentary will premiere online on June 4th 2020 with a special screening followed by discussion and Q&A with Diego and Lou as well as some of the ecovillagers featured in the film. There will be further screenings with subtitles and conversation in many other languages.