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Empowering the Positive Change by just taking the Power From Destructive Companies

Taking the power from destructive Companies and industries is always our choice, every time we buy and eat something.

And hey, nobody can be perfect, but we can encourage others and support the good, sustainable companies and farmers, to empower positive change.

I call myself just a mindful, imperfectly sustainable consumer,

who tries to care as much as possible and lifes by example.

I am responsible for what i am doing and for what i am not doing <3

Showing others, how amazing vegan or veggie foods are! Plant based alternatives are booming and they can save our planet and Our health!

We gave them the power, with our energy bills, bank accounts, choice of consumption, online/shop etc. and never forget:

We always choose with our bills, if they can burn our planet, or if green energy companies expand, banks invest in positive, sustainable change, or if there comes more organic, healthy food on the market like it is booming now!

Plant based power, the real vitamins and proteins!

That is made with our money and hard worked lifetime! The meat, dairy and fast fashion industries dont care about us, so do you still want to support them?

This amazing movies will blow your mind like they changed millions of peoples lifes to the better and a healthier planet!

Articles with game changing inspiration for our global metamorphosis – positive change

  • Most mind blowing and Life changing movies – About the biggest destructive industries, fast fashion, solutions and what we can do, to direct our money and power to the good companies towards massive positive change ♡
  • Game changers arnold schwazenegger, power of plants vs meat and dairy lies and marketing
  • cowspiracy
  • What the health
  • Food matters
  • food inc.


2040 – endless wonderful solutions and the view of a dad for the future we can create

Tomorrow – world full of solutions

  • The true cost
  • An inconvienient truth

Today, corporations can buy water rights. Due to this, 70% of water allocations in the Murray-Darling Basin are owned by two corporations: Webster, and Ron and Peter Harris of Ravensworth Agriculture Company.

Both companies are donors to the National Party. Peter Harris is currently in court for alleged water theft, while Webster continues to sell water rights to the highest bidders.

Lately, mines have been winning the bidding war over water licences.

  • …or positive change!

One awesome and powerful solution:

Starting petitions
And supporting the solution

–> stopping to give money to the major destructive companies:

  • banks, energy,
  • meat, agrar industry/ Lobby
  • palmoil
  • nestle, unilever, monsanto,
  • fast fashion etc.


Its on us my wonderful friends and positive change makers ??

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