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Hardy, drought resistant Australian native Trees, succulents and Plants collection

Here i share a list of Drought resistant and fast growing plants, shrubs and succulents for semi arid – arid land with low rainfall. Also some more related articles at the end. Just a little Collection of my research for the best fast growing, australian trees, shrubs and native plants.

Aloha wonderfullies, ever heard about pioneer plants? These are the types of plants, that grow, where nearly no other plants grow – Pioneering. They are thick leaved and full of water, some are edible.

Enjoy, lots of love, Benny

Leave a comment with your favorite plants, trees and shrubs, together we grow and evolve with nature.

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Plant collection in a gallery:

These are often mentioned shrubs and trees:

Acacia, graevilla, bottle brush,

  • Lithops
  • Agave
  • Sedum
  • Adenium – desert rose – succ.
  • Jade – succulent

Plants / shrubs

  • Bougainvillea – awesome drought resistant
  • dwarf lemon-scented gum ‘Scentuous’ – reaches just 7m high and 5m wide. – white flowers in summer and colourful pink stems.
  • red flowering gums such as- small gum with show-stopping colour, grafted  C. ficifolia ‘Summer Beauty’ (pink flowers) and ‘Summer Red’ (red flowers) are garden-friendly at just 6m high and 3m wide. flower in summer.

2. Blueberry ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) – one of the best fast-growing garden trees as it is evergreen, narrow and quick off the mark

-> When closely planted they’ll grow about 3m wide and can eventually reach 10m-15m high. The pink-flowered form is called ‘Luscious’.

3. NEXT TO WATER – Also from the rainforest:

-> water gum (Tristaniopsis laurina) – a dense tree with bright green leaves and clusters of small yellow flowers in summer. Grows in naturally moist areas beside streams so it benefits from regular water after planting.

It will reach 5m to 15m high depending on growing conditions.

4. – Where there’s plenty of room for a spreading tree – the lemon-scented myrtle (Backhousia citriodora)

– offers shade and shelter along with fragrant, lemon-scented leaves.

– Grows to around 8m high and 4m wide in gardens. in summer, is laden clusters of white flower. As this is a subtropical rainforest tree from the east coast of Queensland, it needs a little frost protection when young and also benefits from regular watering until it is well established.

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