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My favorite Podcasts for Self Evolution, Health, Passion and Happiness in life

Podcasts inspire, motivate and shape the ways we see the world and our selves. #GrowingTogether part 3

Aloha amazing people, lets grow and evolve together with our most favorite and life enriching podcasts.

#growingtogether part 3. My Top transforming podcasts – from sustainability, to nutrition and performance and personal transformation and life changing guidance.

What are yours? Share in comments or text me and i add them.

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My podcast collections:

  • Self development – health – Fulfillment
  • Permaculture podcasts
  • Creating a better world – earth lover podcasts

Sharing – Connecting – Growing Together – Realising Dreams

  • Mindvalley podcast
  • Charles Eisenstein
  • The energy Blueprint
  • School of greatness
  • A sustainable mind
  • Russel brand

  • Greator
  • Die kunst dein ding zu machen – christian bischoff
  • Laura marina seiler – Podcast

More entrepreneurial development poddys:

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