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Transformative Tools – Daily Development

Aloha, wonder!

Here i share my favorite tools, apps and instrument for our personal evolution! Everything what helpes us, to grow together! That´s a real evolution for me, empowering and enriching instead of depending.

From book summaries to libraries, over spirituality, alchemy, hermetics and meditation.

A better humanity as a part of this living planet not against or owning it…

I´m so thankful for all these wonderful informations and tools in my life!

One of the most exciting things on travelling and life, is to talk about our key learnings and epiphanies. So much packed wisdom, for our personal evolution! I’d really love to see what enriches your life and consciousness.

There is so much incredible stuff going on, to empower ourselves, finding our true purpose, by focusing our strenghts and learn about all different things in life!

It´s everyday on you, to use these incredible tools and helpful informations for your own transformation, or stay in the hamstersheep -wheel

All the life changing gifts from genius human beings! Tansformative stuff, that really enriches my life every day, to create the best version of myself and to find the right way, when its hard.

Live this wonderful adventure to the fullest and being sustainably and highly productive, by optimizing our daily life routine and habits.

You will find all my favorite apps, channels, networks and playlists, mind blowing books and docos linked in extra articles.

I call ’em “Instruments for our personal evolution.” Happy you, happy we, happy

Collection of the most transformative tools

Because that´s what you want here then some more inspirational words about optimizing and living life.

  1. Self development tools

–> Get the key knowledge from bestseller books!

  • Storyshots (free)
  • Blinkist (7$/Month- 49$/Y)
  • Transforming Book summary tools – Listen or read the key knowledge of bestseller books! (my favorites)
  • (Read more about storyshots etc.)

Books that changed my life

  • (Soon)
    • TED talks- App – Innovations – See how amazing humans are – get motivated and inspired
  • – Audiobooks for amazing personal growth! I love to listen bevore bed or while driving long ways.
  • Kindle – Nice ebooks and wonderful place for handbooks etc.

Libraries for Ancient and deep Wisdom, Hermetics, Alchemy etc.

  • ZLibraryFree ebook library! Amazing!! Have a look and read mind blowing books for free mate!
  • – Alchemy, Hermetics, universal laws – Incredible wisdom for free!

Health, Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality:

(Read more about yoga here)

  • Sadguruh 5 Min. Yoga Tools – powerful, short yoga for health…
  • Isha Kriya – Health, Wisdom, Yoga, Motivation, HealthWorkout zuhause/Workout at home
  • GaiaYoga, spiritual science, consciousness and more!
Meditation, Soundhealing, binaural and isochronic tones

(More in this article)

  • Insight Timer, synctuition
  • Brainwaver, Athmosphere, Soundheal, Binaural beats The…,
Astrology, Tarot, numerology
  • Numerology – App for Astrology and Numerology – Incredibly explained, to see your passion, path, stars, planets etc.
  • Spirit science (youtube) – Spirituality, Sacred and ancient wisdom, geometrics, Tarot, spiritual science, wisdom, instagram,
Videos – Transforming and mind blowing

My favorites – collections:

TED – App – See how amazing humans are – get motivated and inspired

  1. Amazing Podcasts & YouTube
  • A new and ancient story
  • Sacred economics + rebel wisdom
  • Books that changed my life
  • Documentaries, movies – mind blow
  • Spotify – Playlists
  • Gaia – Yoga, spiritual science, consciousness

Websites, Networks for positive change

  • Happinessproject
  • Climate reality – inconvinient truth
  • Hope – project

Just incredible!

Motivational Videos help us in the hardest times to remember the important things in life!

Nobody wants to be a unhappy sheep in the hamsterwheel program, instead of living the most amazing adventures with meaning and wonderful people together in harmony, or?!

But most people don´t know about these incredible opportunities of endless growth and powerful information access…

So isn´t it wonderful, to share everything what helpes us individually and collectively, to create a blossoming harmony?!

Let´s grow together, for our collecetive, sustainable evolution!

Learning – Sharing – Caring – Evolving – Together

For our inner and the outter journey in cosmic harmony and natural balance.

That can really change your life! It does it for me!

Enjoy and share what´s helping you, to help others, because that´s what brings us momentum.

Do you know storyshots or blinkist?!

You can get the key knowledge from bestseller books in short summaries, to listen or read?!

I love to bunjeejump from personal development to marketing and economy, over to natures wisdom and spiritual science!

There is so much incredible stuff going on, to empower ourselves, finding our true purpose and learn about all different things in life in minutes!

It´s everyday on you, to use these incredible tools and helpful informations for your own transformation, or not.

Today we all have a couple favorite apps, channels and websites, where we learn, read and develop yourselves.

Personal development – Growth – Self evolution – Spiritual journey

Personal development means to grow and learn constaintly. Because everything we do, think and say creates new neuropathways.

It´s our choice, if they support our passion and help us grow, or if they´re destructive and not healthy.

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