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Flyer – Organic Food and Health Spreads From Lightning Ridge – Health on Demand

Organic, Healthy Local Veggies – Health on demand, freshly picked for you.
Do you want great tasting, fresh organic veggies?! Locally, Pesticide free, Good for you and The Ridge? Come to the Hungry spirit, just give me a call and tell me what you want.

Whats available:

  • Most amazing Sweet beetroots, Zucchini, celery,
  • Silverbeet, poc choi,
    Parsley and kale, mint,
    (a bit asparagus and carrots)

Available Offers – Taste The Delicious freshness!:

To the varieties here

  • Garden Spreads – sugar free amazing healthy Raw Spreads
  • Smoothies (they will blow your taste buds up!

CONTACT for prices and availability: Just call me 041 683 0609 – and come over to the hungry spirit

or see the produce, Prices and Syntropic (permaculture) Farm at

Or at Facebook Benny Sauber

Rebel black and Michael are the owners, called the Hungry spirit.


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