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Food “Waste” upcycling for regeneration projects and compost

Creating a food saving movement, regenerating with organic waste and compost… where supermarkets, cafes, shops and bars give their food and coffee grounds waste, to help farmers and gardeners feeding our planets soil. food-waste-upcycling-regeneration-with-compost

Its one of the biggest Keys to healthy soil and planting and it gets wasted in tons and tons every day. But we just need to use the power of our social connection and turn the cycles into regenerative and futuristic.

1. Supermarkets – food stores

– just ask, if they already use their organic waste for good.

Or do they still waste it?

Solution, just put that organic material into a separate bin and the gardeners take it, to regenerate and grow soil. Plants, gardens…

Regeneration with organic waste + coffee grounds + charcoal

Thats my vision with waste management – Upcycling.

Using the huge amounts of organic waste that gets created by companies and industries and turning it into healthy soil, plants and helpimg mother nature.

Giving back ?☀️?????

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